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    Should I drop Modern History and take Drama instead?

    History would scale better, but it's less fun
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    I messed up bad

    Just keeping working hard. You don't need to restart.
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    Will i fail at life?

    The only math you may have a little difficultly with at UoW Commerce would be the economics, finance and accounting mandatory first-year subjects. As long as you work hard in those classes, you'll be fine, and then you can move into a major more focused towards your skills e..g Marketing...
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    MQ Chatter Thread

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    how long do accounts on here last?

    they will exist longer than we will
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    How??? urgent help please :( Really stressed, only 2 days until English

    Intro Prescribed Related Prescribed Prescribed Related Prescribed Outro If you have time, also works. You can also use that, but skip the second related.
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    The Harsh Truths of the HSC

    It matters both more and less than ever before.
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    My teacher had to scale our chemistry marks they were so bad!

    Better to be hard and get it wrong now, than have it be easy now and get it wrong in the exam.
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    BoS Maths Trials 2018

    Everybody should do this :)
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    A call from Baulkham Hills

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    A call from Baulkham Hills

    What did they say?
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    Is 10 units a good idea for me?

    Unless you really want to do more, do the minimum.
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    How to deal with content heavy subjects?

    Make sure you keep going back to the syllabus. That will keep you on track with what you actually need to know, versus what could just be useful to know.