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    Feel Like I Cant Engage With Anything?

    The concepts aren't hard for me to grasp, but when given a huge paragraph of text, I become incredibly sluggish and I cant retain any of it. I've found ways to work around it, like extending explanations to infographics or videos ( essentially more engaging visually ) or doing face-to-face...
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    ok i just lost all my motivation for english

    sorry if this is an obvious question but is extension something you do alongside an english class or is it a different class on its own? I think i will look into changing my subjects though amen :/
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    ok i just lost all my motivation for english

    I’ve emailed my old English teacher to hopefully understand more what I’m lacking... or at least give me back confidence to do my work
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    ok i just lost all my motivation for english

    Sorry I should’ve been more clear, I’m in advanced and I feel inferior because I’m not in extension, which I’ve learnt is the higher one. I can develop a passion for anything really, but an important part for me is that I’m succeeding/receiving praise/feeling like I’m acing it. Being in...
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    ok i just lost all my motivation for english

    When i was picking subjects with my english teacher last year, she told me extension english was more focused on essay writing and wasnt a higher level than advanced.. Then yesterday, on here i found out that extension is the higher level. I know this is a silly thing to worry about but all of...
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    What language are you studying?

    新しい言語を学んで得られるものは、金銭的な利益だけではない。 それを勉強する過程はそれだけで実りあるもので、自分自身や世界についてもっと学び、新しいアイデアに自分自身を導いてくれるので、知性や記憶力を向上させることができる。 より多くの人とコミュニケーションを取り、より多くのメディアを見ることができる。 非常に多くの人々が、あなたの考え方によって英語学習を強いられている。 あ、ちょっと待って。。 これは読めません。。 You’re working off of an english speaking base here. Please consider what...
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    english extension vs english advanced?

    What’s the difference? Is one a higher level than the other or do they just cover different material?
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    Is my teacher holding me back?

    This is super reassuring because I was concerned about the workload/dedication required. I hope it isn't too late !!
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    Is my teacher holding me back?

    Definitely meant 5.3 aha sorry !! I'm concerned as when I bring up this topic with my teacher he becomes very quiet, hesitant and honest. I think he understands that my math is poor because of my underperformance, but I think I'm underperforming because of the material. I'll talk to him again...
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    Is my teacher holding me back?

    Thankyou for the advice !! Sorry I did mean 5.3 ><'
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    Is my teacher holding me back?

    Last year, the head of mathematics at my school wanted to help me in applying for a selective school by giving me a sample of stage 3 mathematics. Last year was a breakthrough for me in terms of studying; i enjoyed it like i never had before. But stage 3 mathematics? It was like a new path was...
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    Creative Writing Critique? (429 words)

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to have a look at the second draft for a short story creative writing-thing I did for English? Not looking for an in depth analysis or anything! Just want to know if it sounds dumb/ needs more information. I don’t know anything about English and it’s he...
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    Extra curriculars that look good on an application ?

    Sorry, all my threads are the same, but this is such a perfect niche for my questions... I’m looking to apply to Hurlstone and James Ruse mid year. I’ve kind of given up on Ruse at this point, because I feel my entire enrolment was riding on competitions that I won’t be able to include in my...
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    Tutor for helping me enroll?

    ( Year 10, want to get into Ruse ) I’m currently doing all general year 10 subjects ( no electives ) + attempting choir, about to sign up for volunteering jobs, and joining the SRC. At the moment it’s not too stressful and I’m breaking a lot of personal barriers, but I know that this isn’t...
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    I’m hoping to take the EDUtest later this year, but I'm so behind on schoolwork it isn’t funny ( due to not doing anything ) I’m just looking to catch up on some Year 9 concepts and maybe get a solid base for self study, so I can focus on my year 10 subjects. Is IXL a good source? Or am I...