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  • sweet then i think i know who you are...dont you have a cousin who goes to grammar? heard hes awesome?
    yeah hopefully they'll take that into consideration.
    But yes no more Frankenstein and hamlet ever again!!!! Yeah!
    Oh that's aiight! And yeah I hope I did okay.. Not confident cause I did hamlet last and yeah was rushing a bit so I may have generalised a bit. Fahh!! Just happy English is over though.

    Random question: what school do u go to and are you a guy?
    :0 Hamlet was crazy hard!!! Talked about action vs inaction, deception and mortality. Just bs'd about how these themes lead to hamlets death and corruption which inform the differnt judgement of the play... Do you think is right,? What did u talk about?
    Lol hoping that they're good enough and as long as it fits the question then I should be okay. Good luck
    Do you think talking about "scientific progression and its effect to society" is a broad topic for br and Frankenstein?
    so I'm doing a Plath poem.. but I'm talking about how she is the vulnerable one and that Hughes is the cause of her downfall. in hughes' poems, I'm saying how Plath was the cause of his downfall.. would this be conflicting perspective or a comment on their relationship? but I mention techniques about my arguments though
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