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  • hahahhaha. yeah none of those photos are actually of the people i say they are, yet people keep thinking they are actually real lol
    volusia... never heard of it, but if i remember ill check it out lol :)
    im doing a double degree, bachelor of commerce/bachelor of science. ill probably end up majoring in human relations, marketing and psychology, and its gonna take me 5 years to finish

    i start my very first day on monday =S
    nah i dont watch either of those lol. i kinda wish we had sororities in australia, it seems like a good way to meet new people n make friends. hehehe i probably wont get to go there for ages, at least not until i graduate uni in 2014, but ill definitely make sure that i go to both cali and florida :D
    yeah i saw ur sig... USC.. thats uni of southern california right? gosh that would be like THE best uni to go to (or so i would imagine). if i was american id probably go there lol since i love the beach. and yeah apparently the weather in california is really good.. like no rain, always sunny. i reaaally want to go there haha
    ahh okay. yeah i wanna go to florida one day (mainly for miami). but i REALLY wanna go to california. someday.... *sigh*
    ohh i see.. did you move with family or by yourself? itd be hard to come here by urself i reckon! where abouts in america?
    hey, are you like american or aussie? (like where were you born n raised?)
    just curious lol
    autumn, thats a nice name :) i'm phillip
    ah okay cool so you're athletic as well, thats cool. do you live on campus? does everyone live on campus in the US?
    haha fair enough, both countries would be pretty good anyway
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