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  • i was talking about this with my teacher the other day in which mediums of media to cover, i probably will be looking at print media as well as television. i have to see. ahh fair enough then, that's one less major work for you then. i bet your eext2 will be amazing ;)
    haha doesn't matter, i doubt anyone is actually starting it. we just have a proposal to worry about, for now. that sounds like it will be an excellent pip. as rough wording, i'm looking at how heterosexism perpetuates itself in the media through the construction of homosexuality and it's subsequent marginalization. and for history ext. i'm fairly sure i'm going to look at abraham lincoln, and perhaps try and debunk the myth of him being somewhat of america's greatest egalitarian hero. how about you? :)
    Hmmmm, Major work.


    You know how I was going to do a critical response? Well after a lot of research,,, I just got so overwhelmed by it all that I decided to change to a short story.

    And then after writing a synopsis of my short story idea and showing it to a couple of people, I found that there was a movie done a couple of years ago that was the EXACT SAME STORY, which I thought was really interesting and unique.

    So, in summary, without the justification of my failures,,, I haven't started and I'm back on square one, having lost all motivation.

    Please say something to rekindle my extension II spark? Ha.

    How are YOU going? How are you enjoying adv + ex1?
    Hey hey!

    I saw you at UOW, I was going to come up and say hello but I lost sight of you !
    I thought the first part was great, where that lady gave us a lecture on Godot and Plath.
    It went a bit downhill from there though, didn't it? I missed out on getting a seat for the general creative writing seminar so I had to sit through crime fiction and,,, that's not really my forte. Or more to say, crime fiction bores the shii out of me, so I just sat up the back with some friends and we moaned about how the rest of our year was sitting in something important and useful, UGH!
    everyone seems to be doing crime fiction, after the bomb sounds interesting. and catch 22 isn't just wonderful, its splendiferous, uproarious, sublime, effervescent, it's. really funny haha.
    yossarian has got to be the greatest coward ever. he makes cowardice seem noble.
    Oh, I adore English extension 1, and reading, i'm the biggest bookworm i know. 1200 and counting!.
    i am also doinghamlet/frankenstein maybe we could share notes/ideas for when we do them in t2 or t3.
    catch 22 and catcher in the rye are awesome books?
    are you a clasically trained dancer or just rec?
    Journalists/essayists? I'm trying to think, but no names spring to mind. I like reading Joe Klein from TIME magazine each week, but apart from that.... Most of my reading atm is philosophical, though perhaps you could consider those 'novel-length essays' or something. If that sort of thing is what you're after, I've been reading some C. Wright Mills lately (easy to read) and also Clive Hamilton's The Freedom Paradox (much more dense but no less insightful).

    After all that, why do you ask? :)
    ahh same
    mine are during sport on tuesdays and 7:30 friday mornings :( fml.. i have trouble waking up at 7 as it is
    i've no idea what im doing for my case study yet. you?
    Yeah, I love Mr Trickett, I'm so glad I got him for adv and ext <3 Ha,

    I was mighty intimidated by everyone, You included though! XD I just reverted back into my quiet ol' evasive self and hardly spoke to anyone hahahaha. I'd been dreading it for ages actually, and everyone at school would taunt me about it, Why did they have to call it a literary luncheon of all things?! The height of pretense!! Naw, it was ok in the end, but I NEVER do public speaking, so it was slightly out of my comfort zone.
    At least I got a book voucher out of it. And a cheque which I haven't cashed in yet... should get on that.
    your teacher was nice. yeah it wasnt too bad, i don't sleep anyway so i would have been awake regardless. the whole day was so pretentious, everyone fancied themselves as the smartest person in the room! i was so disappointed in lunch :(
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