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  • ahh, I don't know yet, 2011 is my HSC year, I'll probably be aiming for BIT Co-op course at UTS (I like how you can tailor it to choose other electives from other faculties such as design, graphics design, + it's got I.T)
    i am so happy!!!! well congrats to you as well!!! hope you have a fabulous time at sydney uni, maybe we'll run into each other some day. :p :)
    thanks for the rep and good luck!!! would have wished you good luck back if i saw it in time, haha :) but I got the offer! Did you apply for Media & Comm. at Sydney as well? :) how did you go??
    Hi. Not so sure what I'm doing.
    Preferences are 1. USyd Economics/Law 2. USyd Economics.
    So... I guess Economics because of 99.05 ATAR.
    But I was still thinking about maybe Commerce/Arts or Commerce (Liberal Studies) for 2nd round offers.
    Obviously, I have no idea! Either way, still very excited for uni!!
    What kind of subjects are you looking at???
    It's a pretty good course. It's really something you have to have a specific interest in though. We develop a certain type of artistic practice here, and while it does allow you to do your own thing, you have to be open to other theatrical forms. Think along the lines post-dramatic, post-modern, contemporary, crossform etc.

    I'm looking to get into more administrative/theorectical theatre practice. Like a theatre manager, or curator, or dramaturg. You probably haven't heard the term dramaturg, but its basically like a cross between an Assistant Director, and a literary manager. They provide the theorectical framework for performance, as well as get structural advice in terms of new work, and a whole heap of other things as well. Something like that...

    If your friend had to audition for the course, I would have already met them. I went to all the auditions this year. :)
    B Creative Arts (Performance). But doing technical/managerial theatre stuff. So not actually an actor.

    It's alright down at Wollongong. Though I expect its different if you've been there your whole life. I've kept renting my place over the summer. Means I'm not stuck in my hometown for the entire holidays. Plus, I can do stuff down there with people from uni.
    Thanks. Christmas was pretty chill here. Back down with the family after living away for uni for most of the year. BTW, word has it you're also currently Wollongong based?
    I am excited for Wednesday also. I want to end up in the immunology/virology/microbiology field of research.
    I've heard that USyd is very considerate with their Advanced Arts students, and in fact, you are able to take cross-institutional subjects from Mac or UNSW or wherever you like really. I would recommend doing some of those subjects within the Advanced Arts course. I think this would pay off more highly in trying to get a job afterward as well... and I'm sure you'd be encouraged to do even better in the Advanced degree.

    I've heard nothing about either course(s) I'm going into but I'm doubtful about the first option; in any case, my second choice looks like a very lab practical course and would lead me into research (oooer). In regard to scholarships, apparently we should find out on Wednesday through the mail... as long as they mailed the letters out soon enough - hopefully the mail system does some work over the public holidays.
    I saw in your sig what course you want to take up at USyd; why not take the Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) Honours course? You'll be able to take upon yourself more advanced and challenging units and interact with those most intellectually stimulating in same course...
    Despite some disappointments, I'm enthralled that the freaking thing is all over. I just slept for 12 hours and only woke up once for about 3 seconds during the night because I heard the roadworks out the front of my house.

    I am not too worried about the ATAR today, but I might get disappointed if it's a lot lower than the calculators.
    Congratulations on your HSC results... I was quite disappointed with a few of mine, but that's what you get for going to a school in the middle of no-where with shit teachers. Haha.
    Gravity's Rainbow is incredibly 'in your face' and real about everything. It is an epic tale and incredibly hard to read considering the number of characters in the novel and the many theories and ideas it explores. I am loving it at the moment, but haven't read it in about over a week at the moment; I have not been able to muster the mental ingenuity or capacity to comprehend all the language swerves and literary curve balls Pynchon throws at you, as a reader.

    Christmas is always rather a lame occasion in my household - HSC has a higher anticipation and hype around it (;
    I'm Daniel, nice to meet you also.

    I've been enjoying the time off - in the meantime waiting for results I have been reading Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon, and watching the TV series, The Tudors. I kind of get bored because the heat makes me feel so lethargic and I lose interested in reading or even watching TV. I have been trying to catch up with friends, but a lot are on holidays or working (or something else -_-).

    I am getting more excited for the results as the sun sets.
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