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  • Yes, that would have been me. I don't remember you coming in though sorry :eek: I'm normally grumpy and yelling because I have to deal with everyone elses' problems. I hope I didn't scowl at you!
    So i'm all like, looking for your profile so i can all like, write you a visitors message saying i got your facebook request and then my notificates are all like "Ashie Coleman posted something on your wall" and I'm all like ...omg.

    Yeah i looked at your photos for like 2 minutes but i have dial up and its shit so only for 2 minutes.
    i've thought about it, long and hard and i'm sorry for being such a douche, i wish to reconcile our differences...i think i am about to cry.
    please, what's with the attack on the eng. ext. 2 thread? i don't see why you've picked me out.
    ahh well i'm sure you'll settle on something. as cliched as it sounds, my pip topic is really just drawn from my own interests. i am greatly interested in the area of sexuality, and also have a huge interest in the media, so i pretty much combined the two together. i hadn't heard of the notion of heterosexism until recently, but i have noticed it's existence, i just didn't realise there was a term out there for it. :) it seriously just fascinates me so much.
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