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    Textbooks for Sale (All must go!)

    Hi All, Please see below all the textbooks I am selling. I am a graduating 3rd year and am keen to get rid of everything. *25565: Fundamentals of Mathematical Economics – $90 *25566: Economics for Business 2 – $100...
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    sick dp :)

    sick dp :)
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    in a BCOMM degree

    My understanding is that Big 4 (and many large mid-tier) cadets do their degree over four years. First 2 years are full-time work and part-time study (usually 2 subjects a semester). Last 2 years are full-time study with the option of part-time work over the holidays.
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    Would You Recommend Business at UTS?

    Hi, I'll do the best I can to address your questions, with respect to my particular experiences :) 1. Lectures & tutes are pretty diverse. First year core subjects are generally pretty good. Lectures tend to be much larger and more full than later year subjects once you've chosen your...
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    UTS Bachelor of Accounting 2012

    Bump. Closing Date for Round 2 Applications is 28 October 2011. Best of luck!
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    I took Roaccutane for 8 months in 2009, and will have been off it for 2 years next week. I took 20mg/day for 6 weeks and 40g/day for the rest of the time. It most definitely works and cleared all forms of acne all over the body (whiteheads, blackheads and gave my skin the chance to clear...
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    What is UTS tutorials like?

    It's time to work on coming out of your shell a bit. If you want to succeed in business to any degree, communication skills are essential.
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    The reason l didn't go to UTS open day.

    I'm guessing you are Asian and have pushy, elitist parents?
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    Indian call centre staff told Australians are dumb, drunken racists Read more: http:

    Re: Indian call centre staff told Australians are dumb, drunken racists Read more: h This.
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    UTS Bachelor of Accounting 2012

    I'd guess around 20-25, depending on how big the intake will be this year.
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    You probably still have a fair chance from the Reserve List. As for what percentage chance you have, there are too many factors for me to easily determine such a figure. Some people who get offered a position will take cadetships, UNSW co-op or do degrees in completely different fields. It...
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    UTS Bachelor of Accounting 2012

    I'm not real keen on giving examples. Basically they're just situational questions where the interviewer wants to see the process you may use to solve a given problem. There isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer, but you need to articulate how you would approach the given problem.
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    UTS Bachelor of Accounting 2012

    My apologies for taking so long to reply! Now that you have been offered an interview, things that may be asked/looked for: *A degree of interest and basic understanding of what accountants do and why this appeals to you *Some logical reasoning questions (no real point in trying to study for...