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  • sorry forgot to reply

    i revise a certain topic, and then do past papers on that topic
    haha its no problem! =)

    happy to help.. it's really not too much.
    Nah it's okay, I'm grateful for your promotion on my tuition page =)
    4U maths would probably be the death of me heh I don't mind maths at all but 2U is enough for me I reckon.
    I'm sure most people have preferred topics in 4U: most people HATE harder 3U and one other...
    4U physically isn't difficult, but it's very easy to forget your major work. It's really an endurance/organization task moreso than creativity. I always seem to leave it last after my other 3u of English which is bad. And the freedom makes it very hard to decide what to do heh
    That's horrible, teachers have some of the closest work colleague relationships, it must be so hard for them :(
    :0 That's terrible. I remember the whole school in tears when my French teacher died in primary school, she was such a lovely lady. And in highschool, even though she'd retired, everyone was really sad about another language teacher passing :( That's horrible, were they sudden or long battles with illness? My condolences really go out to your school, it really rattles a school community. When my brother went to my school, once on his first day back, they had assembly and were informed four students had died over the holidays :( It truly rocks a school, whether student or teacher :(
    Ohh Yr 12's a bit stressful but I've enjoyed the first four days. I'm much more chilled than most. Four days have been jam packed, met new principal and tonnes of stuff.
    Except I've done no work this afternoon cause I felt really lazy (I did do work in my double free today and in English we had time to do work I jsut did in my free, so I did maths heh). But still a bad omen if it's day four and I've been watching TV and that :S
    We have this English assignment that's really tough, but I think I've obsessed over it enough and it's due Monday and I worked on it all holidays but then my teacher told me to change a heap of stuff. I should probably get him to check the changes are okay, but I feel like I should be able to be confident in my own writing you know?
    You'll just have to finish the course yourself. I think most subjects (luckily) we're on track with where we're meant to be up to or not too far behind/
    Ohh, my bio teacher was the one that was the absolute champ on my scale heh. Only 3 more terms to survive that though!
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