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  • Because a mistaken assumption is that in year 10, people think that Standard English is a whole lot easier to Advanced English which is entirely false like comparing 2u maths to general maths. Standard is very difficult lol because the alligning is so bad and the chances of band 6 is nearly impossible- if not hard. LOL, but a reason could be that standard english is very easy to do top so meaning easier ranks. Remember about 90% of the people in standard are not very bright nor hard workers so yeah free ranks already.
    Haha yes vocab is pretty crucial and it would help in impressing the markers. Some kids in Standard English are like 4unit english level and have way more superiro vocab than me lol so becareful :p
    hehe i love the dp's below, shoo cute :p

    i dont mind what time either ; think ill be there at 9
    Okay, that is a nice start. Don't worry too much because I didn't do too well in my first assessment tasks. There's always room for improvement. Btw, why did you pick english standard? For the monologue, take a look at the marking criteria they give you. You should try and relate the experiences of Tom (as you speak about them) to the topic "into the world". Talk about the different phases of for Tom: when he first finds out about the accident, after he finds out about the accident, experiences during the accident, etc. Also talk about what helped him overcome his problem - his relationship with Crissy, Gran, etc as well as what made it more difficult for him to overcome his problem - his mum, his brother, etc. Make sure you have a good thesis in your monologue - it's not an essay but your monologue should be centered around a certain idea about "INto the World". Good luck!
    Teehee, thank you and np.
    I'm sure whatever you decide, you'll do great. I'm on the way to a new experience this year myself, I'm all set! Just worried about making friends, then again there are some perks in a lone wolf situation. I guess, whatever happens..happens. I met this lady at Meadow Bank Tafe, she was 50years+ and went for her HSC. Truly inspiring and she was very smart. I remember watching her answering the teachers questions when everyone had hid away *lol including myself* It really amazed me how she asked questions during class and didn't hold back, she motivated me to start asking the teachers for help when needed.
    Haha, I think I got a bit carried away with the story telling, I hope you're having lots of fun on your holidays and all the best for this year, studies and all c:

    Btw: Sorry if there are lots of typos or missed/repeated words, my phone is horrid aswell as myself at 2 am i think, I've lost track : P
    haha good luck :D
    if you're aiming for Band 6 in Standard, make sure you're ranked 1st in your school and smash the externals.
    I know people who have scored 98+ ATAR with Band 5 in Standard English so a Band 6 is not essential but is better I suppose :p
    My standard mark was 93. 7th in state :) and the top ATAR in 2010 for Standard English was 99.80
    so for all those people out there saying that Standard English limits your ATAR, that is not true!!!!
    Thanks for the rep and the comment along with it. Made me smile and for that I've given rep back :)
    dr fresh said that our degree isnt recognised in america. i want to work in asia. hmm
    i asked drfresh and some other people. still dont know if it's true. apparently we can only be doctors within australia and new zealand. if we want to go to one of the commonwealth nations, we have to do extra testing. asia isn't part of that so.................................yeah
    i just found out that mbbs qualifications arent recognised overseas. dont know what to do.
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