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  • lol dw everyone knows the regular users names here

    This is an alternate account of one of the other regular users (me) and I gave it to Ann for a while then changed the password (she didn't want to know what the new one was so she could stop bosing and get work done)
    I'll see.. I really want to do 4U for its scaling but of course, the effort required is quite large....
    Hoping to do well in 3U first of all... And all my other subjects in Year 11... See how it goes
    Sorry, I have no sources about the questions of Tom Brennan. But I know, Tom Brennan questions are very generic and easy in nature. They mainly ask questions based on the rewards/costs or losses of into the world.
    Nah it's fine I don't mind. I get asked all the time on here :p living out of Syd is a give away anyway, it's not really multicultural so much outside the city.
    Drama is fun :) I did it up till I was about 14/15. What I miss is the fun dancing, there's only open ballet classes where I live...I miss jazz and contemporary and performing. I even miss music a little, but not really too much.
    Yeah everything I do socially is mainly stemming of school also ehhhh. I'm trying to make the most of my last year, but it's so draining! I mean I spent the weekend on eng alone, churning out two 1400 word essays and writing in my process log. In uni, I want to join so many clubs. I miss performing terribly, I crave for the stage. I was burnt out but now I want to grace it again.
    Yeah I've become so nerdy nowadays, embraced it I spose. Younger me would be so surprised at 17 year old me, like...honestly you have a license and a car and yet you aren;t having raging parties, but procrastinating by watching nerdy youtube videos in lieu of a 2m homework stack?
    But my life was so interesting pre HSC-like all the work eclipses it. I hope to regain it post HSC heh, uni seems a lot less hectic tbh.
    Yeah trolls are everywhere heh, but this is probs the worst forum I've been on for trolling surprisingly.
    And when you say old, you mean that I've been here a long time :p I didn't really get active here till yr 11 though. (Lurked Yr 9/10 a bit)
    Haha yeah, I thought it'd be good to get one going, too bad it got hijacked by the troll calling me a prostitute :p But it seems it's been revived :)
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