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  • Ah yes, Beau :p - Yeah that's same with my friends, I'm amused by it but they aren't, and complain that I work to much (and earn to much moneeez) :D
    Haha I am, how the hell did you find me?! lol Yeah I love pissing my friends off with my Woolies 'obsessiveness', they think i'm a freak, that;s ontop of them being jealous of my awesomeness pay compares to theirs haha
    Yer I wok for the good old Safeway aka Woolworth(but I have to call it Woolies because our stroe is referbied to that lol). Im on registers, self serve and a supervisor. Been there for a year and a half love it though our store soo00o0o0o0o0o busy =]
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