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  • Lol yep, had to call triple zero. Women fainted in one of the aisles, very faint breathing, freaky shit. 2 ambulances came, cause I was the one who let them in through our roller doors. Also another MICA came too.
    Guess what? A drug and medicines doctor happened to be off duty to assist, she informed us she was wacked off her head.
    Hello, Mr Coles
    I'm getting an interview soon for a job, could u tell me what to expect, and what to do right. Thanks alot.
    Ah ok, i'd say he was one of the managers. Ima post a story about yesterday in the Woolies thread. He was tall with glasses and had tats on his arm. I'd say he was a manager as he had left the store to come to Safeway
    lol yer i dunno what's up with that... ? I have heaps of neutrals. I think its cause I don't have enough rep so I can't give positive rep to others...
    Well idk we have this horrible women who doesnt speak good english and her face is massivly fucked up and she has whiskers growing from places i didn't even know were possible on a face :p, but ive never seen her family which you mentioned, only her, so i think its a different person. she always uses the self serve machines
    Hey what's going on?
    Do you get motorbike accident guy? Weird boldish headed man, can only be served on certain registers by (sometimes) only girls?
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