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    General Thoughts: Physics

    lol yeah what school you at cos i dont like your attitude. imma hunt you down motherfucker.
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    Engliish advice

    hey stressed out yr 12 peeps. i was in your position last year and having obtained my raw marks, I wanted to share and pass on some advice concerning the english exams. i went really well in the trials (99/105) and was pumped going into the hsc. i went with the memorizing generic essays and...
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    The Online Mole

    Hi peeps. I know your this is like a study forum and all but some of you might wanna break so........ I've created a version of the "The Online Mole". A game where nine genuine contestants will participate in missions amongst a saboteur. The mole is a traitor whose mission is to sabotage the...
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    Help Multiple Choice.

    question 2 F/l= (kI1I2)/d So you calculate individually the force btw X and Y and then individually for Y and Z. So variables we dont need are I1 and I2 as all currents are equal. We dont need K really as its a constant but keep it anyway so there is something on top. So F/l = k/d. So for...
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    English marks...?

    i got my raw marks back. i got 18.5 19 14.5 and i got 95. however i practically aced AOS. The thing is if you get 14 average you will 100% definitley get a band 5 no doubt about it. they scale like crazy in adv. but i got 20 20 20 in my trials and these were my hsc marks (above, second...
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    semester 1 results

    dude literally its uni. build a bridge. stop caring about averages, noone but you cares.
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    semester 1 results

    psych 1001 54.0. yay. considering i failed the essay didnt do any of the quizzes. so relieved im doing that shit again.
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    The Official University of Sydney Toilet Thread

    carslaw one is so fucking ferril. i would rather shit in public then go in there. went once never again. a guy put is leg under my cubicle. i fucking bolted people. scary shit. gay cunt-trolls. *WARNING: u will probably get assraped if you go to carslaw toilets!
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    Semester 1 timetables 2011

    hi im first year and i wanna do as minimum uni as possible. call me a motherfucking houmbrella, i dont give a shit but would anyone be able to tell me subjects that have least amount of campus time (lectures + tutorials + labs etc.). oh, im doing sci degree. thanks
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    raw marks

    HERE ARE THE RESULTS BEEN COLLECTED SO FAR: Ancient History Year Raw Mark /100 TWM (with optional scaling) TWM (one unit basis) Aligned Mark Aligned Mark Reported Exam Mark Band 2009 83.5 90 45 45 90 90 B6 Biology Year Raw Mark /100 TWM (with optional...
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    free english essay marking

    I don't want to sound mean but honestly, it was horrible. I practically had to annotate every line. They were undeveloped, incoherent, unsophisticated and a lot of them went the whole essay without even mentioning a technique. Like they didn't even know that techniques existed! Quotes were...
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    School certificate vs hsc marks

    Hey. not that people care but i actually requested my raw sc marks with my hsc marks (may as well, $30 anyway). I was so suprised at how little the marks aligned. People say it is so easy to go well which is true because of only two reasons: (a) the tests are easy themselves (b) it is marked...
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    free english essay marking

    Dang. I let it slip. The mutt is a 'he'. Oh well.
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    free english essay marking

    It was really exhaustng by the end of spending over 1.5 hours on every person's essay...I now see why you charge the amount you do. ] Not to rub it into the plagarising knob but I got my raw marks back and i got 15 in my belonging essay (the very section he wanted me to perfect for him). So...
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    free english essay marking

    I am no longer marking essays. Sorry :( I have had a terrible experience with a student who I won't name (even though I should). Basically I helped this person out by annotating their essay thoroughly. As I have been doing for all the essays I've marked, I cropped a sample paragraph from one of...