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  • no ive written about 4500 words and our first draft is due first week back
    cool, short story eh? on first thoughts i thought that writing a short story would be quite simple however, when i began to write i realised that it is not simple at all. wbu? and how is the editing going? and whats ur genre?
    hey brendroid, ive realised that uve been visiting my page :) thanks! and also, omg u do ext 2 english! thats awesome, what medium have u chosen? im doing a short story :)
    Hey, another random comment!
    You don't do maths??? That's crazy! (Not really. Maths sucks.) I'm quite surprised that with both Modern and Ancient History you're not doing Extension. Did you consider it?
    Hey. Just wondering; how's art going for you (saw your 'About Me'; not stalking you!)? I know it depends on your individual circumstances (ie, a good class, or bad class, how much you enjoy art, etc), though is art going well or is it more of a drag; foreseeably unsatisfactory or adventageous? Just wondering! :D
    Oh, and I just realised (thanks to someone's comment) that the below comment may sound insensitive. I didn't mean it to be though!!
    hey. i never got to say sorry for being mean to you when you were the only one being nice to me. i was just in a shitty mood because of all the idiots. i mean, this whole thing started by a misunderstanding on my first post lol.. give me a break.. gosh! :) awell, karma is a bitch i always say:p

    Thank you & im sorry again :)

    Happy easter by the way. hope you have a great school holiday
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