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Recent content by brendroid

  1. brendroid

    Summer Holidays Chatter Thread 2012-13

    I've so far seen the Madoka Magica films and read Norwegian Wood. Think I'll sit down and read Gatsby today.
  2. brendroid

    Likes/Dislikes about USyd

    I'm doing Arts. Likes: Greek gods. The societies. Writing the essays (I like reading and writing stuff; I'm strange) The girl in my Ancient lecture Caleb's mind games in Psyc lectures Dislikes: The bus ride in Prices of books Not seeing the girl in my Ancient lecture That I only have one...
  3. brendroid

    Favourite Digimon/Pokemon

    I dunno. I don't think the design's too bad. I think I prefer the others I listed though.
  4. brendroid

    What do you guys do during breaks?

    I just find a spot and type up notes from my previous lecture (I handwrite them; I find it easier to get my thoughts down if I can write all over the page I guess) before writing. I don't really know terribly many people yet. If I wasn't writing I'd probably watch movies on my netbook/listen to...
  5. brendroid

    Favourite Digimon/Pokemon

    Hmm. Pokemon; Sceptile, Serperior, Umbreon, Gardevoir. I just like those Pokemon, no real reasons behind them. Digimon-wise, I'd say MetalGreymon and Etemon. Mmhmm.
  6. brendroid

    What clubs and societies did everyone join?

    I joined Sutekh. Because Sutekh is awesome.
  7. brendroid

    BoS meat for 2011 first years

    Last time the world had a truly incorruptible leader? Do you really want that answered? And Egypt's not going too well if you haven't noticed. I'd think we're a bit along the line from 'autocratic government to democracy' to perhaps not resort to scaring people into their homes?
  8. brendroid

    BoS meat for 2011 first years

    This, except Hitler was against the universality aspect of Christianity because of his racist ideology. Hence his rewriting of the Bible to celebrate Jesus' Germanity. So although he was Christian, I'd hardly call him a good one. And I think on one of his report cards he was marked as pretty...
  9. brendroid

    Pokemons club

    I played Yellow the other week. It was interesting to play again. ATM training up an HG team.
  10. brendroid

    Belonging Question About Songs

    Or you can say 'the song Bohemian Rhapsody makes use of [insert musical techniques]'. If when talking about film you can discuss elements such as shots/close-ups/slow-motion (that are not literary techniques), and with art elements such as colour, tone, size/shape, medium (statue/painting), I...
  11. brendroid

    Hsc Belonging Creative writing section

    My creative writing for English in the end was about this writer who's a part of a writers club, but feels that what they write is so different from what the others are writing that he doesn't belong. If you can pull it off, you can write about any aspect of belonging and get 15. If you can't...
  12. brendroid

    Romance Good For Creative?????

    Hence 'thinking it will be better for them because it scales better'. lol. They think it scales better; will only do so if they go well.
  13. brendroid

    Romance Good For Creative?????

    Not to mention some Advanced students thinking doing Advanced will be better for them because it scales better.
  14. brendroid

    Romance Good For Creative?????

    Probably cliche. If you can do it well, do it. If not, try and avoid it. My creative was about a writer who couldn't be published and he felt the strong urge to belong with published authors, even having a dream scene. Sure there was a good female friend there, but it wasn't the main driving...
  15. brendroid

    Nintendo 3DS

    I'll be getting one.