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    Just a question...

    If your UAI isn't great don't stress, if you can pull it together in the interview and impress them you should be fine. They are generally much more interested in 'personality' than whether you flunked out in maths. Are you in WA or NSW?
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    Marian College people out there...

    Just wondering if Mr Procjalo was still at Marian? Best teacher I ever had..... if anyone knows pm me please :)
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    going down there...

    in response to the std/using a condom to go down on a guy question, have you ever heard of dental dams? they pulled them out during O week at college and gave us a sex ed class on putting on condoms and using these dam thingys that are like latex squares that a guy is supposed to put between...
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    SCRS - Comments/Suggestions

    for what its worth i know a lot of people who got in by principals rec and they got not so great uai's... if your eligible for principals rec take the opportunity - its pretty much a free ticket
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    How many BOS people you met so far?

    hmmm i'm going to say that at least one of you isn't very observant because you have definately met me..... i just didn't say it was me..... but it is....
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    13th June :P
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    so what would you say would be the average age?
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    Who's had their electrical items checked and tagged?

    uhoh, nothing of mine is tagged but its all fairly new?
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    I have too much stuff.....

    is it just me or is everyone else bringing up a fair bit of stuff? Like i've got two cars worth.... I'm scared it won't all fit into my room!
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    The Butterfly Effect

    hmmm it scares me that i've only ever heard of the butterfly effect on that list of artists/dj's........ i'm thinking a trip to byron for the blues and roots fest at easter may be the way to save my soul
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    hmmm well at least i can relax now in the knowledge that i know there is someone older than me - i'm sure that there are heaps of mature age students and deferred students tho.... I'm just being pedantic
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    Austin booted me

    it's entirely possible that i would pay to see someone drink chartrusse and absinthe at the same time......
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    Austin booted me

    na absinthe didn't make me hallucinate, but one shot of the chartrusse virtually knocked me out cold for 48 hours
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    Offered a place at Austin!

    yea i'm completely baffled too, all i know is i'm doing communication and culture and i'm hoping to god i can do italian internally - if not i'll have to study it as an external unit