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  • No clashes somehow haha. I should try find you in the maths lectures (don't ask me how, I might just ask every girl I see if they are coldlipstick).
    I'm doing MATH1902 and MATH1906 (so the SSP). But it's essentially 1901 since we have same lectures and everything.
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    Chem Engg is pretty easy
    At least first year at USyd
    ENGG1801 is pretty much a guaranteed D or higher
    CHNG1103 is SOOOO easy
    but make sure you get everything double marked because the teaching/marking is atrocious.
    I got 72 for CHNG1103 without any effort
    but then i went and checked my final
    they just didn't mark a lot of it
    and a lot of the stuff was marked wrong
    i worked out I would've gotten AT LEAST a D
    if they marked it right
    but I got into med so i was like ~whatevs~

    So I think it's alright

    but tbh
    the easiest thing to get a good GPA in
    if you're good at science
    would be BSc(Adv) at UWS
    or a science thing at UTS
    USyd is notorious for hard marking/competition/scaling/etc.

    So yeah ~~~

    Good luck ^_^
    Haha, oh gosh, please do not be inspired by my life. I think the only reason some things go well for me is because everything else goes really, really bad, but like, I'm not complaining, in 4+ years time everything will be super good. :haha:
    But yeah, please don't follow what I do, I'm really lazy. Work hard and stuff. ^_^

    Anyways, I think Sc/Engg might be a bit shit if you want to get into med.
    But I would suggest picking one or the other.
    If I were you I would do either Eng/Sc or just Eng in first year.
    See if you like Engg or Sc
    and stick with the one you like
    because 5 years is a long time if you're going to get into med
    3 year sc is probs best
    but if you're better at engg, then one more year is fine :p
    business...thank god i dont do eco. this week woulda been terrible. wbu? PM each other to avoid the spam. Haha
    Yea did shocking in 4u, 4/10 in multichoice, now that is hang-worthy. so probs 55-60/100, which will align to low 80s.
    Because you do MX2 instead of 2U it makes your MX1 out of 100 instead of 50.

    I know how you feel :( You do a few sillies and it's all gone...
    That's heaps good. Although I reckon there will be more than 10 people with 70/70, so I don't think you will be state ranking. But seriously, that mark is solid. I reckon I got 55-57, I'm pissed off, did a lot of silly sht in multichoice, and newton's method.
    Yer I got in the 80's for MX2 too. I got 3 questions wrong in question 11 from sillies haha (shocking right)

    Probably got mid 60's for MX1.
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