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  • You don't need to be so hostile, the internet isn't always serious business. You know, I believed in you and your potential, why did you have to hijack that? You get hurt in the past?
    Your moving faster then a dying cheetah.I didn't expect yo to read my other conversations. Not to be infringing on your thing, but that's stalkerish. What are you expecting to gain here? And what's with women's fascination with the word 'creepy'?
    Ok now that we're on the same page, I want you to earn a shot with me. I've got some assignments for you
    Nope, only a 10min drive haha. Hey daniieee do u have fb? Add me, I'm Reshad =) (I don't want to feel like some pedo stalker on BOS haha).
    Ah 4U was okayish. Not super good like I'd wish for, but I deserve it for my laziness (I slept in and never came in for school morning classes or I arrived late every 20 minutes LOL). Same to tuition too haha.

    All the best with modern and legal! I'm sure you'll ace it :). Cram buddies woo!
    I've been alright thanks. And nope, I haven't finished. I think the BOS ban was useless because I ended up using a proxy instead to go on this website hahaha.

    Omg I heard 2U was hard :(. Especially the last few questions. But I'm sure you'll be 'relatively' fine.

    And I finish on the 4th of november. I'm trying to cram chemistry =D. R u finished yet?
    They say girls like a nice guy, but they finish last. Plus I don't have time to play the nice role, it takes too much effort. Where do you and I stand?
    Woah, I don't just do that stuff with girls I don't know. I'm not like that, but it's good that you're eager to get going.
    Slow down there, I think you've got me all wrong. We only just met and you already think I'm your life. Chill. Look, What I'm trying to say, is that there is no R in team. So are you in?
    Hey Diana (please tell me this is your name and the HSC hasn't resulted in temporary amnesia)!

    How's it going and everything? :) Haven't seen you around, probably because we have different exams and everyone is saying fml. All the best for you remaining exams.
    There is more to life than being particular over sentence structure and content. Why do you take it so seriously?
    Great, now that we're on the same level, I think it's time we arranged a practice run.
    hahah LOL. Nobody is on FB? HAHA I have been on fb since I came home today. arghh life is so boring with HSC going on. do u have fb btw?
    lol hey danie. I CANNOT go to bed...lol
    So here I am...on fb, msn, bos + youtube.

    u should sleep though =) I am used to sleeping at 3am and like waking up at 5am.
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