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  • oh yeah chem and english next week :/
    eng ext...everything man, no ideas for the creative. Hbu?
    ye man i am coming too hahaha =)
    we will talk ALL ABOUT our holiday okkk hahah =)
    ye i know what you mean about starting subject. It's very very difficult for me to start english and sor. well screw sor... but english is another major issue. oh well i am trying everyday, lol...that's alll i can dooo.
    lolllllll @ my pic hahahah
    ye studying is freaking hard for me too ahhhh!
    david i reckon you shuold hit library and study there, i reckon it's alright if you study in library =)

    if you need any help with anything just ask me alright? haha =) love u too! =)
    heya man

    dont suppose u have any english essays/creatives u need read for another opinion?

    hope all is well. understand that english is monday anyway, so whatever is good. good luck!
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