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  • i havnt done anythin 4 next weeks exams :S
    umm iv been tryin 2 do an x eng creative but havnt got a good idea yet
    hey man. yea Oscar Wao is the sickest book iv read this year. Hols r ok.. havnt really dun anythin. N the only study iv done is like a tiny bit of chem n maths, havnt done any english or anythin else. Hows ur study goin. Wats killin u bout ext eng ?
    hsc papers are harder than cssa papers well at least the Q6-7 parts are harder than cssa papers.
    cssa past papers for both yes.
    but if you want challenging ones, def try hsc past papers. they kill cssa papers anyday
    i agree too. For your own sake tho, it's better that we don't get tested everything. I have been talking to fellow 4 unit people, they are freaking pumped for 3 unit since they have learnt everything and stuff.

    danny, i personally reckon that we WON'T get tested everything. We will do everything except binomial imho.
    ms single said you will be able o go through everything but I am not entirely sure. Last year, we got tested everything yes.
    ye he is -.-
    by like 1% tho
    I was beating him until half yearlies then I was like, fuck this and didn't study and he is baeting me now hahaha oh well, there are always trials -.-
    ohhh about me? I am doing quite well haha. Doing few past papers here now and then....I gotta kill my 3 unit and 4 unit trials to get back to 1st...
    Hm...I agree. It should take fair bit of time to complete 6&7. But then again, you are doing quite great. You are putting too much pressure on yourself danni. 1 hour for Q1-5 is very good considering that we have 2 hours for 3 unit maths exam.

    Working too quickly isn't good, trust me. I have done that in many of my 2 unit exams last year and I have lost many marks because of silly errors. If I were you I would keep that time limit because I also try to spend about 1 hour on Q 1-5 and another 1 hour on the rest.
    lol that's MORE THAT ENOUGH MAN lol. Remember this, when I did my 3 unit papers I JUST FINISHED ON TIME and got like 47/48 out of 50. You are doing very well, haha
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