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  • Heey Dylan ty for the Chem Qns Sorted by topic. Im just wondering if you got any more electives? Also wondering whether you have Phys sorted by topic ty again =)
    Dude, i'm never going back to blacktown! I just got home, meaning this time it took 3 hours =.=
    Hey Dylan, quick question.

    For the H2O2 experiment, I've been thinking about how to keep the amount of potatoes placed into the test tube constant but to no avail. I thought of cutting the piece into 8mm cubes but that would simply take too long. Do you happen to have any suggestions?
    Umm tonight I'm going to be doing some of my assignments and I'll see if there is lots of things to check or not. It depends on how much there is to check and so on but it shouldn't take more than an hour to do. For the second session, it might be probably 1.5 hours - 2 hours because that also includes the whole experimental record so yeah. I'll confirm with you in 1-2 days!
    Hmm sadly I have tutor from 9am-11:15am. Hmm I probably can't make it to Blacktown in time from Yagoona before your lesson. So what about after your chem lesson? You think you have enough energy left? :L
    I have no intention of taking up the free trial. The only thing that concerns me is that you and I checking up the assignment may only take roughly an hour and you probably prefer blocks of two hours? So my plan is that I'm working on getting the list of equipment (due 27th of February) and answering the questions in my booklet. There aren't so many questions but I'd like to perfect them and make my answers more accurate, concise and whatever you say. Just very good in simple terms :L Umm So from today to the 1st of March, I plan my assessment task and on the 5th of March I perform it. After that, I have until the 14th of march to hand it in so I'd probably like to fit in another session to meet up with you and review what I've done so far.

    I can pay the usual rate but we are probably meeting at varying times if that is fine with you. Preferably early Saturday afternoons?
    Hey Dylan, do you happen to accept people who only want to meet up with your for tutoring once or twice? I ask this because I received my assignment and I want to check with you my scaffold questions which I will answer as well as my method and etc.
    Thanks for the rep buddy! :p And congrats on your fantastic ATAR as well! What course are you studying this year? :p
    Unfortunately he hasn't replied to my request and I kinda need to consolidate. *Sigh* Oh well thanks anyways!
    Alright cheers buddy. By the way, do you happen to know where I can get 4u past papers? I've checked the resource section and it sucks LOL
    Just to update you about my assignment, it is due in week 7 where I will perform the experiment in week 5-6. I will then be given 1-2 weeks to write up my experimental record which should be plenty of time to perfect it and make sure it is correct, hopefully with your assistance. =)
    Hey! Do you happen to have 'Production of Materials' by questions, or only just for acidic environment?
    Thank you so much man! You do not know how grateful I am for this!! I will send you my drafts of the experiment for you to check :) Are you sure you do not want anything in return? I feel as if I am taking advantage of you.
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