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  • That's weird, I have Adv Sci and Med Sci both at CTown. (because it's like 15 minutes from my house) Haha
    Yeah, just go with what's closer.
    But, if you wanna do med at UWS all the Med lecturers will be at Campbelltown.
    (Isn't there AdvMedSc at Parra?)

    I know. :(
    Oh well.
    I'll try for them next year and stuff if I apply for med there.
    No. :(

    AND what's even worse is that I have ANOTHER offer: Medical Science (Advanced) @ UWS

    If they gave me a scholarship I'd go, but like, they didn't so, I'll probs go to USyd.
    i've seen you round mso too

    how'd you go in terms of med this year (interviews, umat etc.), what are you doing in the mean time and what are your plans for med?

    i just feel like chatting to others in my position because it's kinda depressing :(
    I seen you got that scholarship in the thread... So many things for Western Sydney applicants, none for rural xD Well done :) And you should do Med Sci! Come on it will be good ;D
    That's awesome, congrats! I chose to major in Biomedical Science.. The course structure doesn't change until second year though I think (so you can always change). You can't register for your lectures or tuts until a few weeks before we start. You can see the different times available but not actually apply yet.

    Also, the 'mandatory course planning session' is on the 8th at 11am - 12pm Building 10, Room 1.12 (Lecture Room 17).

    What major were you planning on doing? I thought Biomedical would give me the last resort of doing engineering and becoming a biomedical engineer.
    First day of chemistry today, it sounded like i was in some jiberish class with the teachear blabbing on, sigh! Was first few weeks hard to settle in for year 11?
    I only had one overlap but apparently during the course planning session they might tell you something?!? That is just me guessing though, there was a thread here: http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=275434

    If all else fails I am going to do dent or biomedical engineering after the 3 years.. Both interest me a lot (not quite as much as med though)... With any 3 of those careers I would be more than satisfied...
    Ahhh ok, I got into adv med sci (Campbelltown) at UWS and already have accommodation sorted so i'm going there :) (another med hopeful :p)... We'll see how it turns out though...

    Good luck on your scholarship application, hopefully it works out :D
    yeh, my aspirations were to be a doctor too but my umat screwed me and doubt my atar would be suffice to compete against the 99'ers out there. optometry was my best backup and im glad. sticking to it and not aiming for post grad med :)hope it all goes well for you.
    Thank you very much :). You wouldn't mind reviewing the notes I write? I'm reworking one dotpoint and making it way shorter, then sending it to you for checking if you're down with it.
    Hey man, is it possible if you could send me a page of your bio notes? I've seen others but they don't seem to satisfy me in comparison to my notes. I don't know if im doing it wrong or right.
    Yeah, I don't know if I'lll be able to afford Uni. :(

    Yeah, I think top 10 get considered for Med so it might be competitive.
    Yeah. Not if I go there, you'll have no chance. Hahaha (completely kidding)

    Defs. I think my friend is gonna do law now instead of Adv Sc, so I'll be alone if I go to UWS. :(
    FUCKING HELL! I missed out on so much shit not getting that 95. :cry:

    Maybe Med Science at UNSW or something. I don't even know. :/

    Congrats. I was looking at 96 too, but my subjects scaled shitter this year, and my school pulled the wrong marks down. I really needed that 86 in English and I fucking deserved it. :cry:
    Just do whatever you really want to do. I wish you the best of luck with all that.

    You too, and I might see you next year. (If so, we have to be uni buddies, because otherwise I'll go mental doing shit on my own.) :)

    Yeah bro. My ATAR wasn't great either. :/
    I'm not sure if it's still the plane.
    K brah. :p
    Yeah, I got an email fr an early offer yesterday(I just checked then), but not a scholarship. :/
    My ATAR was only 94.75. Wbu?
    yeah you should be. oh okay nice.
    gonna do chem engineering and materials science in UNSW.
    wow congrats dude

    yeah not too bad
    Eng adv 84
    maths 88
    maths ext 39/50
    phys 87
    chem 89
    sor2u 88
    atar aim 91+
    predicted atar 93.3
    actual atar 93.1

    so yeah satisfied with that. what course are you doing
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