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Recent content by Dylanamali

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    WHICH LAPTOP? Screen Resolution vs. Graphics Card

    Thanks! Do you think the screen resolution difference will be noticeable on a 15' screen?
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    WHICH LAPTOP? Screen Resolution vs. Graphics Card

    Which laptop should I choose between the two: ASUS R552JV-CK064H Processor:Intel® Core™ i7-4700HQ Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) Memory:8GB DDR3 RAM Storage:1TB 5400rpm Graphics Card:4GB NVIDIA® GeForce GT750M Graphics Card Operating System:Genuine Windows® 8 64Bit Screen:15.6"...
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    2 Questions for Current UWS students

    Campbelltown parking is generally fine. You just purchase a yellow permit which from memory is less than $100 for the year. Not sure about the "equity scholarships", but I'm preety sure I received my scholarship (academic excellence) quite early on.
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    JCU Medicine Interviews

    Looks great! Finally an interview tutor with an affordable price. All the best,
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    UWS Medicine Questionnaire :)

    2011 ATAR: 98.75 2012 GPA: 6.875 2012 UMAT: 80th percentile / 144 weighted* Note I was in Adv Sci @ UWS so gained entry into Med via this scheme, hence the lower UMAT score. Received first round offer during main round, non bonded, CSP. Prep: 10 Medentry papers + Acer papers
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    JCU Interviews

    He more than likely has not received an interview for the December round. He may have a chance of receiving a second round interview which is held sometime in January, but this may only be the case if people reject their interview offers which frees up more space for others.
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    Experienced Former Ruse Tutor, Achieved ATAR99.95, tutoring in Chem, Bio, Eco, Maths

    Re: Experienced Former Ruse Tutor, Achieved ATAR99.95, tutoring in Chem, Bio, Eco, Ma 99.95 ATAR or UAI? 5 years experience = 07/08 grad?
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    Interviews for Medicine.

    Unfortunately - generally no, universities will not reschedule your medical interview unless there are unforeseen, circumstances - a pre-scheduled trip to Thailand is definitely not one of those. Fortunately, however, the universities in NSW generally have their interviews in the month of...
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    Can you transfer from one year of uni into undergrad med?

    Yeah - the reason for the increase in competition for my year was because of the introduction of the other advanced courses, namely advanced medical science and advanced natural science (although I don't think natural science compete for the 6 spots). But yeah, this competition will only...
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    Can you transfer from one year of uni into undergrad med?

    Definitely not a few hundred.. i'd probably guess it to be around the 60-70 mark. At Parramatta there were only about 20 kids doing adv sci. And in terms of the ATARs of the students in the cohorts.. they aren't especially high.. majority are in the low 90's or even high 80's. It was...
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    Unit difficulty ?

    Maths 1A - 8/10 If you didn't do Maths Ext 1 or Maths Ext 2 the topics will definitely all be new. The topics/concepts taught can be a little challenging but this is compensated for by the relatively easy assessments. The assessment set up is basically 4-5 50 minute topics tests on a...
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    Does UWS consider people who aren't from their uni who want to do med?

    Yes. Look at the UWS school of medicine page. Adv Sci / Adv Med Sci students have the advantage of a potentially reduced UMAT cut-off. All other UWS students and all other nonstandard and standard applicants have the same requirements, depending on GWS and non-GWS.
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    Can you transfer from one year of uni into undergrad med?

    UMAT is almost always the deciding factor when it comes to receiving an interview. Most interview invitations are based solely off UMAT (as GPA's and ATAR's are not yet released). Furthermore, the majority of medical schools in NSW namely UNCLE and UWS only use the academic requirement as a...
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    How to find out what textbooks i need?

    http://connectbooks.com.au Type in your unit code and you'll receive a list of texts.
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    Can you transfer from one year of uni into undergrad med?

    Haha, yeah of course there is! :) Best of luck! almost always just comes down to UMAT score.. lol, which is preety hit and miss anyway. Hopefully yours is hit :P