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  • I suppose, I was just reading what you said in the "become moderator" thing haha, about being volunteers etc. I am thinking of applying for moderator in the science forums, but yea idk cos im spending these last few days of holiday chilling so I feel I have a good amount of frree time but I know when school resumes ill be all out into it so perhaps I might not have enough time.
    brent12 said absolutezero will contact me shortly. he said this yesterday. Absolutezero hasnt contacted me up until today haha, so I get the feeling they might be trolling me. Hope not. Cos I would appreciate an answer -_-
    noilgam plz man noone is answering my thread further in the "contact mod" section, I want to know if I can have a link to my personal site in my sig? like some peeps have tumblr apparently.
    Hi enoilgam, I was just wondering, how exactly am I supposed to address a dean of a university in an email?
    Hey enoilgam! Thanks for your advice on the forums especially the Modern History Guide. Even though it's basic, it has set up the foundation of how to learn the subject from the very start and thus allowed me achieve a 93 exam mark for the Modern History hsc this year. Thanks and Merry Christmas! :)
    I do believe now that different views allow broader insight, therefore better understanding of some issues.

    Thank you for your encouragements and compliments, it means something to me.

    I'm going to sleep now, good night ! :)
    I always feel on the edge of my seat when I argue against something, but thanks for that :)
    Thanks :p. I agree, it's such a hard degree in terms of everything (such rigorous workloads and also things like extra curricular) and I wasn't quite prepared for it XD

    Are you still deciding on continuing law or you going to head for a new path?
    Haha what a coincidence rofl :)

    I had a lot of issues this semester, so I had to take some time off due to personal and family issues affecting my studies which sucked :(. I still think the Law degree was very very different and difficult from my expectations, so I guess I need to be way more equipped and ready for 2013. Sadly, I am still a 1st year student also hahah :p

    Btw, what extra curricular activities do you do as a law student? I am quite confused and curious.
    Hi Enoilgam, being the bored kid that I am, would you be open to doing me the honour of having a chess match with you?
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