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    Cramming success stories!!

    Don't recommend cramming but I crammed every single exam for my HSC lollll Started memorising my eng ext creative 5 hours before and ended up getting 50/50 for externals :)
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    Chem/Legal/Modern Resources

    Check your email! :)
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    Unsw law, lat + atar combo needed for entry

    Sighhh same thing happened with me... Got 97.5+ ATAR and 91st percentile for LAT, but I got no offer even when UNSW Law was my 1st preference. Oh well, I guess I'll try to transfer. Congrats though :)
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    UNSW LAT results discussion!

    it was more like 2000-2500 i'd say
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    UNSW LAT results discussion!

    yeah good point!!! people in the grade below also sat it as well so we should all just keep that in mind as well
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    UNSW LAT results discussion!

    I think results were released yesterday. Go on the acer website and log in. It should be there for you to 'View Results' :)
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    Chem/Legal/Modern Resources

    Hi guys, I'll be selling a bunch of my HSC resources! (I recently graduated from a school ranked consistently in the top 5, where the calibre of english and humanities is very strong - purely for your own information when considering my legal and modern resources!) LEGAL STUDIES RESOURCES -...
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    No math

    Everyone in my school who does not do maths always ends up doing fine and gets an atar of well above 80! In fact, the DUX of my school for the past 5 years or something all got 99.95 without maths! I'm not doing maths either and my atar goal is 98+ so you should be fine ! :)
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    Advanced English, Modern History and Extension History Notes

    Hi!! I'm interested in all 3, if that's okay :)
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    Extension English AND Extension Maths

    Hi!! Around 95% of my grade (year 11) currently do eng ext and eng math and a number of them are accelerated in subjects such as business studies, maths etc. I reckon you can definitely do it. It might sound intimidating to pick up both extensions but think about those who do 4u maths and 4u...
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    Selective school entry into Year 11. PLEASE HELP!

    Hi!! I applied for Fort St Year 11 2015 last year. Both sections were divided in 45 minutes each. From what I remember in terms of content, the English one had about 10 multiple choice, a few short answers and a long extended response. You can't really prepare for it in any way, except to read a...
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    North Sydney Girls High School vs. Hornsby Girls High School

    I thought Sydney Girls has a better English faculty as opposed to Hornsby? I might be wrong though
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    Selective School For Year 11 - HELP!!!!

    Nice!! Congratulations! Those are two very esteemed schools. I'll be going to Sydney Girls next year for Year 11 ~~ What subjects are you doing next year? The deputy said that we have to do exactly 12 units, not even 1 unit more >< I know that Sydney Girls is exceptional in English so that's why...
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    Selective School For Year 11 - HELP!!!!

    Hey have you heard from Sydney Girls or Fort Street?
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    ACER HAST test - Selective schools in 2014

    Heyyy have you heard from NSG yet?