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  • Haha, my visitor message was apparently too long. PM it is. I hope it doesn't bore you to death, I generally get a bit overboard in my ideas.
    Sorry about that, check the PM again now? Ay, it takes all kinds to make up our world, whether it be for better of for worse. :)
    If you check the PM, I sent you, you'll find my school. People have called me mature, though I guess that's how I traditionally act, being raised in my family if you will. Not sure if you have heard of my school before, though.
    I found out about BOS when I was browsing for some school assistance, hence my arrival at this website back a few months ago. I have a peculiar habit of discovering things on the internet. The subjects I am doing for form V (year 11) are below. Sorry, that's just really how I call the grades at our school although I don't think any school uses it anymore.

    3U Mathematics
    3U English
    Physics OR Modern History

    So what about you? Any ideas of the subs you're choosing?
    First person to comment on this profile page. You must be new to BOS. Definitely, my warmest welcomes to you :) If you go through my friends list, you'll find a few other 2014'ers in this community (we're all quite friendly). May I ask, how'd you find out about BOS?
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