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  • Maybe... - I'd like to socialise more in uni though and study hard to try to transfer into Medicine. Can't wait ~~~~ What do you want to do out of curiosity? And you're going to the meat right?
    No, I'm not anything like SD or Rivalry haha. Yeah it goes too fast, but I'm tired of High school and want the HSC to be over. I'LL BE FREE whilst you'll still be in HS :p
    It's gr8 socially but academically :/ Just want to go to uni - so many pretty girls :inlove: BUT that's not my sole purpose :p
    But it says u r 15, so r u like a super genius who finished HSC at 13 years old or something..? or r u bs'ing your details? lol. Either way I wont judge haha. I go to a school thats ranked in the 110's, so yea not COMPLETELY shitty lolz. We gotta get in the top 100 this year! hehehehee
    As in, parents said to skip two years of school, which would leave me as 2 yrs younger than others in my grade. Parents said that another two after that, so 4 years, would be too much, as everyone would be 4 years older than me, and I would be a little pipsqueak amongst them. So they said I can officially skip two grades as a student, then accelerate two more work-wise,
    You know what "accelerate" means yea, to do schoolwork further ahead. So I "accelerated" two years, and "Skipped" two years. GAH HARD TO EXPLAIN??!?!?! u get it??
    yea I skipped two years of school lolz, thought you would have guessed that haha. Then i also accelerated another two years in maths phys and chem, cos I pretty much new everything there is to know for those two years. If I had skipped those extra 2 years I would be a little pipsqueak amongst massive 18 year olds ahaha
    lol what makes u say that? haha I am in yr 10, I keep repeating to others, I am only doing maths ext 1, phys and chem at yr 12 level, but not doing HSC exams, just doing them cos I want to and teachers let me lol.
    The thought crossed my mind, but I don't know about you lot but my preliminary exams start this Friday and continue for the rest of the week :/ So it'll be a busy weekend. So I might have to skip this one and then tag along next time :p
    Haha lol, well your correct, just toying with ya XD
    Lol the stats... hate to say it but your somewhat right :)
    Well as long as nothing bad happens ;)

    - Bio
    -Adv Eng
    -Ext Eng
    -Mod His
    -Business (dropping in year 12)
    -Gen Maths
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