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  • That's why I left group, because of the shyness lmao.

    do private, 20 kids one room. Not that efficient imo. But eh, it's your choice.
    Start now, is there alot of homework? Is this a group tutoring service, you should really look into 1 on 1 tutors, more helpful imo.
    After I joined BOS, all I want to do is, read the HSNT.. which is so bad. I wish you could deactivate these BOS accounts lmao.
    I love showers.
    woah, you got your hand tied up with all those assignments!

    History and geography you can finish in max 2 hours each, I think. If they're easy. Focus more on maths and English :D. You better.

    Haha, you're going to be the best boyfriend, EVER!

    You better be studying for them, yearlies, to attain the money!
    Ah, why were you doing last year's English HSC paper? And I'm not great but I'll try my best to help you out if you wish :)
    What? Yearlies this term? Well they aren't really yearlies then haha! Also, what is the point of doing anything for the rest of the year after you've done your yearlies? I just don't think anyone would be bothered.

    And of course we can try and help each other in 3U English and Eco :)
    Spiral usually helps humans in maths forum. So that is one more place. If not I will just growl to my mail inbox.
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