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    English Area of Study to be dropped

    As someone who does EExt1, I agree with teriarse. In the elective I'm doing at least, it's easier to regurgitate a rote learned essay than in English Adv, simply because the questions are so broad. Eng ext, imo doesn't really require a more comprehensive grasp on the language, if anything I've...
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    Some maths question (MC)

    ooooh Sweet, thanks :) How do you figure out that tan =-2 has two solutions? Do you draw it out? Aww no you don't At least you didn't try to draw out the two graphs and count how many times they touched the X-axis like what I did lol
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    Some maths question (MC)

    Opps, should've put up the answers; the probability one is D and the trig one is 2 so B. For the probability question; why is it times and not plus? Thanks~:) (Can you tell I'm shit at this subject yet hahah)
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    Some maths question (MC)

    Hey guys, Could anyone work out a step-by-step answer to the following two questions (please and thank you :) ) Trig Probability
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    There is only one B-cell for one antigen?

    So does the immune response mostly occur within lymph nodes or blood?
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    Predictions for Chemistry 2015?

    ? Like water tests? (turbidity etc)
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    Predictions for Chemistry 2015?

    I thought you didn't do chem :o
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    There is only one B-cell for one antigen?

    Sweet, thanks :) lol same, I've been neglecting TSFBH and communications
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    There is only one B-cell for one antigen?

    Hey guys, Is there only one B-cell for one antien and once that B-cell is activated, it clones itself and differentiates into plasma +memory? It just seems abit hard to believe haha + I've always thought that B cells were like any other cell and quite uniform. Is that what the clonal...
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    To all 2014/13/12ers: Is this a touchy topic for EE1 creative?

    free bump for an interesting question~ C:
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    Any suggestions for related texts for AOS - discovery

    Although it can be good to have you related match with your core (theme-wise) as Drsoccerball's related does, keep in mind you're exploring the concept of discovery and not political revolutionary concepts/ the development of a social conscience by individuals. And since Discovery's a pretty...
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Hey guys, If anyone has any English Ext 1 past papers (trials/ half-yearlys) they're willing to share that have ATB questions, please pm me :) Cheers
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    ATB Predictions?

    Setting? Like ask students to write based on a specific setting? I.e Berlin Or do you mean setting in a broad sense and that the student's response must refer to their setting/ setting is a crucial part of their response?
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    English Ext 1 past papers?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has any EExt1 past papers, they're happy to share :) I've had a look and can't seem to find any trial papers other than a sydney girls one (of a past syllabus) Cheers
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    Discovery supplementary texts

    I guess it depends on your text. I would've gone with 'The secret life of Walter Mitty'. It wasn't my related (I did plurality by Dennis Liu), but that was only because I didn't think of using it until about 2 nights before the exam lol