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  • of course i would like to see what I can do to help . m,y email is pamandian@iinet.net.au

    I guess if u hasve msn that might be good . i will accept even if we dont use it for a while so i f u can it would be good to try now I mcAlpin mcalpin_i@yahoo.com (msn)
    Nah, I don't have an account there. It's a fairly common username TBH. I've seen it on other websites as well, and often I'm forced to put numbers after it. Luckily, it wasn't already taken here.
    I always thought studying 3 subjects per day is good. That's just me because 3 subjects is an appropriate amount that you can digest pretty easily imho.

    I always studied my best subject to study, my hardest subject to study and some normal subject i.e. maths, English and bio/business/cosmo.

    I had about 3-4 hours of studying per day and probably more during hol or before exam.

    I will initially give you some tips as to how to form your timetable or study plan.

    First....consider when you study best. During that time, study your worst subject. And study your best subject when the environment is not that favourable because regarldess of your environment, u can still study that subject well.
    Er...yeah. There are zillions around BoS if you actually bothered to find them.
    No worries and thanks for the addy :)

    The links to past papers are usually stickied threads; you should also be able to find some on the BoS resources section ^^
    Hey. Yeah, I am Korean lol and I do watch some Korean drama (and other Asian drama) lolol.

    BTW, about your study plan, I will need more details in regards to your sleeping habit, what subjects you do, how long you can study and etc.
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