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    Help! Changing degree after enrolling!

    I want to do the same thing, but with different courses, so if anyone can help us, that'd be great. By the way, where is this "Progam Leave/Discontinue" thing, I have no idea how to navigate around the UNSW site yet.
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    Do you know the number? There seems to be alot of numbers, and I'm not sure which is the one that handles affairs like this. Uni is UNSW. Okay, I just did, I'm unsure whether it'll change anything though, because main round already passed, though there are still vacancies so I'm lucky...
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    I believe that its compulsory full time, and its also a 4year course. Plus I haven't studied HSC Physics so I would have to do a bridging course. Computer Science is a lot more flexible and what I would prefer. Made a pretty stupid mistake.
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    So I just realised that I enrolled for Computer Engineering instead of Computer Science.. Is there still a way I can change after missing the main round offers. I don't want to study full-time because I'd much rather do part-time study + a little bit of work on the side. Thank you...
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    Can someone please explain the calculation questions?

    I got 2.13, wasnt sure about units, so I just copied the one on back of periodic table for water, but instead of 4.18 i replaced with 2.13 So 2.13 x10^3 J Kg^-1 K^-1
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    General Thoughts

    No pracs involving method, closest was reflux.
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    Indicator Question

    Isn't it HInd + H2O <-> Ind- + H3O+ In acid, equilibrium shift to left, so colour would be same as HInd (red i think?) In acid, use up H3O+, shift to right, Ind- colour (green?) Neutral in middle, forgot what red + green = tho. Is this explanation ok?
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    Conjugates of weak acid/base

    Thank you for clarification.
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    Question? Stoichiometryyy

    It's around 4.2g, made another mistake on the other thread, because standard conditions (273K & 100Kpa) is 22.71L not 24.79L Equation is: SO2 + 2H2S -> 3S + 2H2O
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    Conjugates of weak acid/base

    Is the conjugate base of a weak acid a strong base or weak base?
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    How many catalyst are there?

    Enzymes in yeast for fermentation. (Zymase i think) Think that's all..
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    Question About Exams

    Re: Important I think they have it formatted where the answer booklets contain space for a) and then parts i) ii) etc. (if there is) If it's not, and its just blank lined paper, then it would probably be best to do it in order, or as Apple Sauce says, leave room for questions that are you skip.
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    HSC 2012-2015 Chemistry Marathon (archive)

    re: HSC Chemistry Marathon Archive Question: Outline two differences between halons and CFCs.
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    Detergent structures

    So when I draw it would it look like Um.. don't know why the picture came out so large.. found on wiki And u just replace the R with a hydrocarbon chain (zig-zag line) + benzene ring. Would that be fine?
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    Detergent structures

    So it's O-SO2-O- not SO3-? I think you read the options wrong, one has 4 oxygens the other 3.