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  • Thou am not trolling at all because in my heart I believe you are the worlds most handsome , intelligent , lovely , kind and giving mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    T.T.. but im really finding difficulty in balancing my time properly..

    English is screwing me also.. arggg T.T... grrr hate paper 1
    Hey man thanks for the rep.

    But really i don;t think 95 will be that easy for me T.T..... i've been struggling a bit these days with time and planning.

    hbu?? HSc is going good?
    um 40/84 would be around 80 aligned in 3U, dont quote me on this, its hard to guess marks that arent in the E4 range

    60 should be ~91-92
    65 should be ~93-94
    70 should be ~95
    75 should be ~97
    hey what would a 40/84 in 3U equate to?
    could you also give me a rough outline of what you need for the bands!
    like its **-** for band 4
    like ** to ** for band 5
    55+ is band 6
    and then could you tell me what 60,65,70,75 are...thanks!
    Hey official, where you accelerated in math in earlier years. The reason I ask is your signature says 2010 HSC 99 mathematics and 49 in extension 1. It's just i'm currently being accelerated in year 9 math so that when I go into year 10 next year I will start year 11.
    Official, thanks for the rep :p
    Oh and I think you're going to get 99.95 ATAR too.
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