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  1. highshill

    Teacher accidentally gave me extra time during exam?

    Don't tell, this is not your fault as pikachu975 said, its really good that you are very honest and have good morals but don't tell, if you tell them they most probably would likely make that supervising teacher into huge trouble and that will make you feel even more sad. If your school is very...
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  3. highshill

    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    ahahahaha your GIF is so funny
  4. highshill

    Ew Maths

    I would drop it :guitar:
  5. highshill

    Roll Call: Class of 2018

    You can do it! :D
  6. highshill

    Roll Call: Class of 2018

    Welcome! Welcome! To the thread fellow 2018ers :wavey:
  7. highshill


    I really want to get into medcine but the problem is that i dont know the steps you have to take to become a doctor/surgeon (university couses), i have tried googling it up but got more confused and i even asked my teachers at my school but they had no idea either can someone gove me a step to...
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  9. highshill

    Sorry, it's late as I was busy doing eng assignment but Happy birthday:guitar:

    Sorry, it's late as I was busy doing eng assignment but Happy birthday:guitar:
  10. highshill

    Advanced Math Year 11 2018

    please do'nt use maths in focus it is the worst book ,my friend it caused half of class to fail badly, try finding another book, sorry the syllabus changed so i cant tell you according to the modern syllabus what book to use.
  11. highshill

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    that's so sad :(
  12. highshill

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    My grade wants a reversible jacket, and the school is finalising that order so exciting
  13. highshill

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Interesting... :D By the way And hello fellow ancient history buddy, its very good to see someone else take this great subject, good luck
  14. highshill

    English listening task

    Thank you so much this deserves 10 likes and more :D
  15. highshill

    English listening task

    Great advice, to be honest i was only learning literary techniques, thanks for the tip and good luck on your test too!