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    Learning ahead for Preliminary HSC

    The holiday between Year 10 and Year 11 is the best holiday that you'll you may as well enjoy them while you can! Learning ahead won't help very much. And besides, all of your teachers will be willing to help if you don't understand things! Just enjoy your holidays while you've still...
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    Who has been the greatest live act ever?

    Muse Nine Inch Nails Rage Against The Machine
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    Section III - Personalities

    Did Alexander The Great. Question a was good, it's one of my strongest areas regarding Alexander. Question b was shit, it's one of my weakest! Still think I went alright though.
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    Section II - Societies

    Sparta. Was really easy. I filled the booklet talking about women and Lycurgus. The Helot's question was awesome. Couldn't write too much though, since it was only 3 marks.
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    Ancient History exam too long?

    Wrote right up until the end. Was waiting for about 30 seconds for the exam to finish. A few people left at 10 30, then no one left after that.
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    Was alright. The Streetscapes question about Herculaneum surprised me, but I just worked my way through it. The other questions were fairly easy.
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    Predicting what will be in it :S

    I reckon there will be on on Destruction, conservation and ethics for Pompeii. Its the only major points in the archaeology section left untouched. Sparta - hoping for an Agoge question, a roles, rights and privelages of kings question, and a social status question (Spartiates, Inferiors...
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    Annoying song in your head?

    During the Maths Exam, So What by Pink. So annoying. She's such a lyrical genius. With her "so what, I'm still a rock star. Na na na na na na na na." Best lyrics ever!
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    Did you have TWO related texts for Module C ready?

    I had one that I knew in detail, and a back up one just in case they did end up asking for two. Good thing I did.
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    Too Much E.r.

    I loved it. ER is my best topic!
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    Sea Change (Texts and society) mod C

    We're doing Seachange for Module C. We started it this week because our teachers kept going on about our results in the trial and now they expect us to do an assessment on it on Wednesday! It's fucked! If anyone has any helpful notes, they would be very welcome!
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    Thoughts on Paper 1 of the CSSA Trial Exam

    Heritage House being included was extremely dodgy, but I got what they were trying to say about journeys. It was supposed to be a journey through time with the old woman greeting the narrator in the same way etc. The creative writing and the journeys essay I thought we're extremely broad. It...
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    Wanting to be an English/History teacher....How would I go about it?

    Cool, seems fairly easy. Around what is the required UAI?
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    Wanting to be an English/History teacher....How would I go about it?

    I'm in Year 12 now, doing fairly well. I'm currently studying English standard, Maths General, Ancient History, PDH and Business Studies. And I want to go into teaching English and Ancient History, my best subjects. How would I go about this?