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  • Sunlight, my greatest enemy, anyway have fun. And stop getting the techies to gang up on me in snake.
    lol i can't walk anywhere because of my toe and i don't drive so I'm gonna be at home for the next 2-3 days doing nothing but playing snake. I just took places 2-10 but not 1st lol. Yeah when i know taking the 'food' as i call it will only be worth 1 point i lengthen my snake by going in all corners and doing swerves, its allows me to get to the new 'food' quickly and makes me get more points... why am i giving away these secrets
    mate, i have no sympathy for you right now. I'm getting this record. Btw i hold high scores 2 through 9 and deswa is now out of the top 10
    You say that now but after a month off you will find it in you to go for it again. Anyway I'm very upset after the 4277, so close yet so far
    I've beaten my high score 3 times today and finally broke into the 4000's, I can feel this record and the trophy coming back to its rightful owner.
    yes he already appreciates it, anyway going to bed, night, you will lose your snake record
    hahaha fuck you got me there, my google stalk showed jens lekman to be a swedish musician so i was like this could be the guy that topped music haha... so yeah i knew u werent actually named jens lekman, i just wanted to hear it from you hence the "creative and original username", man i stalk too much
    now im wondering who you are, like if you're the tsik cunt des talks about that state ranked maths in year 11 or the guy that topped music, or just an average techie, i need to know!!!
    i could just ask jack for your name... and why deswa 6 i thought the last account made was deswa 4, obviously not
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