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  • haha yes quite creative... you obviously have to add some creativity like me, initials, x for extreme and 3 because its a cool number. I named by superstar this in raw 2 when i was 9 and it has stuck ever since
    I wont be catching that one, it comes from the other side of hurstville im more towards the sick cunt side
    im predicting that you will try rape me on my way to the bus stop so ill make sure to carry my taser... im not really sure i havent really looked into it. what will u be catching
    it would be hurstville. But im not 100% sure ill be going to UTS right now, i need to sort out my preferences very soon.
    yeah of course i know jack, i dont just add randoms on fb unless they are hot chicks of course (dw i consider u not random). We went to primary school together, we were really good friends at the end of year 6, but then we went our separate ways. I talk to him on fb from time to time.

    Yeah my toe hurts so heres the full story. I was being a dickhead just going through doorways pretending there was a ring at the top of them and i was doing different dunks. By about the third door i decided to pick up the speed, the next door i attempted to dunk on (yes im quite sad) i jumped up and smashed my foot into the side of the doorway, it hurt a lot
    i have a mutual friend with you... btw did this mutual friend send u an fb message today
    High ATAR right der. Yeah we probably will meet because you will stalk me and plan it out perfectly, but just remember i am also stalking you. You should really put a profile pic on your fb.
    i just found out about that site around 2 hours ago lol. Next year hmm apart from picking up da bitches and making the cash I plan to do business at UTS because of bonus marks woooo. what are you doing?
    good idea, i suggest you take up the role of creepy stalker/ snake player like me, it works well.
    hahaha tbh i probably will be on for a while because i seriously have nothing to do. And i didnt say that, i remember saying something like "You're all cunts, bye forever"
    hahaha fuck it was straight after i said you're going down the leaderboard. I was praying you didnt see it so badly
    you have played arcade games for 34 hours, 95% of that time has been spent playing snake. I have played arcade games for 18 hours, 92% of that time has been spent playing snake. Give me 16 more hours of game time and i should get this record easy.
    well that comes with experience my friend, me and my left hand go way back (im left handed). I really didnt give any advice though
    Unfortunately im not keen on sharing it, since well its not really mine, i bought it for someone else. Also im not too sure on how it all works, like will the account get banned if too many people are using it. My brother loved the gift, after one week i dont want to say to him that the account is banned
    umm i have nba league pass (fuck yessssss), i bought it for my brother for christmas, but its basically a present for me and my brother, its 44 a month im planning to keep it for one or two months.

    That snake record will be beaten
    well crickets a sport where you dont need to watch every ball so during nba breaks ill watch the cricket. I will get this record but not now, dont worry ill find the right time to play again
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