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  • thank you, merry xmas to you too. Um its getting better, I just got over my immense depression after losing the snake record, im still hopeful that i will get it back. And im so keen for the cricket tomorrow and all the bball games. How's the post HSC life treating you
    am i a p00ner? i didnt think i was part of that club yet. Nah my family will wanna know straight away so ill just tell them then probably go back to sleep. Might go on here for a bit or facebook, we'll see.
    tall guy who banked in one free throw and missed the other is me, i had no skills what so ever and they told me they didn't have a centre and i needed to play because i joked around saying i was a good basketball player, i also injured our best player in the warm up before the game we played against you guys
    hahaha yes I'm a dirty greek, i play bball at tech a lot i really have nothing going for me but height when it comes to ball. And don't worry 2k11 is way better than 2k12 and 2k13 has too many problems for my liking even though its unbelievably awesome
    i play nba too, 2k13/halo 4 is all i do really, so I'm guessing you're typical tech asian who loves basketball can dribble really well and shoot well but for some reason you are an average player. All i do is get in the post and attempt a hook shot
    i predicted this (see previous message). Seriously respect man, thats something i could never think of reaching, but i do have a lot of spare time so dont leave this site completely theres a small possibility that i will beat it
    haha really mate, go for that record, if you get it i will have to break the 4000's. im tipping i have 3 trophys before you get this record. i bet you break it because im acting like a cocky cunt
    Haha yep- I've given up though- after HSC lol. Effing btx3. How's modern going bro?
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