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    business and social media

    hey guys, i'm doing an assignment on the way social media is affecting/will affect the way entrepreneurs run their businesses... since i'm really stuck, and trying to get ideas, what do you guys think i should focus on with the research/findings in my assignment? i'm not asking you to do my...
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    You got pulled down by business and esl
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    2011 HSC Timetable

    Re: 回覆: Re: 2011 HSC Timetable :/ anyone know when legal and ipt are?
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    Who supports the Green's initiative to abolish university fees?

    How will they be funding our university fees? we're in enough debt already.
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    am i the only one who has no motivation?

    i sit on my ass everyday now on the computer doing anything but work. i really can't be bothered. thank God i'm not in year 12.. yet
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    Is UWS actually a university?

    generalisation right there... there are other unis who have equally as bad, or if not - worse atars as the students who go to UWS. I'm not saying uws is shit, however - the ATAR of a course reflects the amount of people who want to do that course at that certain university. Some universities...
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    State Of Origin

    sif, i can laugh more at how shit the dragons players are when it comes to origin
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    State Of Origin

    fucken soward is so fucking shit, this is his defence: YouTube - Greg Inglis - A Solid Wall he would get absolutely MANHANDLED, langer was an attacking genius, but was shit in defense soward is NO WHERE NEAR as good an attacker as langer, also he is fair terrible at being a true "playmaker" he...
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    hair dye

    when i put red in my hair it stayed for agessssssssssssssssssss, and then even after i cut almost all of it out, the red colour still predominated for another 4 months or so
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    State Of Origin

    ermmmmmmmmmmmmm, inglis only scored one try in origin I, and it was right at the very end....i think that means he was pretty well contained.... beau scott is shit, and whoever the hell said jamie soward should be picked is a dumbass, he's so fkn small, he would get manhandled like he does...
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    Liberal or Labor?

    in regards to political parties.. we are screwed. both parties are bad. we really have no choice. liberal - has no idea what they're doing.. especially phoney tony. labor - manipulative and broken promises. i would rather vote for someone who knows what they're doing (labor) rather than a...
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    Preliminary mathematics marathon

    Re: another question you cant "cancel out" cosx - sinx from both sides, that would result in you losing solutions
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    hey do you know jessica that goes to your skool?

    hey do you know jessica that goes to your skool?
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    Preliminary mathematics marathon

    Re: another question latex too much effort for me -.-
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    Preliminary mathematics marathon

    Re: another question (x^2 + y^2)^2 = 2(x^2 - y^2) DIFFERENTIATE IMPLICITLY 2(x^2 + y^2)(2x + 2y.dy/dx) = 2(2x - 2y.dy/dx) CANCEL OUT THE 2's AND EXPAND (2x^3 + 2x.y.dy/dx + 2x.y^2 + 2y^3.dy/dx) = 2x - 2y.dy/dx CANCEL OUT THE 2's AGAIN x^3 + x.y.dy/dx + x.y^2 + y^3.dy/dx = x - y.dy.dx dy/dx...