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  • Hello Jeshxcore,

    I just want to briefly ask what are the main benefits in becoming a "Premium Member" ?
    Do you get access to special resources? What's so good about being a Premium Member?

    I'm thinking of becoming one, but I'm not sure how to sign up and what the main benefits are.

    Anyways, hope you're having a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. =]
    lol you used to give me the evil eye when i talked to kayla :(
    i think i have you on facebook anyway lol
    nah i quit that chatswood shit and just work at the one up the road from me in lc west on saturday mornings now
    yeah enjoy these hols, you wont get a break until dec 2011 :eek: unfortunately...

    im not going to uni straight away, doing a couple of TAFE courses (to help with the office jobs) before moving into uni, am working my way into media arts and production at UTS :)
    do you know what you want to do yet?
    ahahahah yeah. but the bludgers are so annoying. they copy your work and they're so arrogant when they are so piss stupid.
    hmmm.. I felt that way too. I studied a lot for Year 10 and still did very poorly. and then I suddenly went up in Year 11. I'm scared that I'll go back down in Year 12.........
    yeah the syllabus is your bible. that's a good study technique.
    awww. that's a shame coz there are so many bludgers in standard english classes.
    WHAT!!!??? it scaled down to 45????? coz I thought it was capped at 49 or something.
    A major work is when you do a massive project for the subject throughout the year and it contributes to your UAI/ATAR. for english ext 2, a major work is the only thing you do. For history, you do a major work and sit an exam. The major work is based on a historical investigation of your own choice. You have to write an essay (2500 words) on the historical debates within your area of study.
    umm. out of your subjects, none of them have major works, though you have a lot of assignments for the majority.

    so I guess from your SC marks, you're pretty good at history. did you study for the SC?
    and btw, your marks are not that bad :D
    ahahha yeah. don't do general maths and standard english with an aim of 97+
    you'll have to top the state to get that.
    good girl, so you've been doing maths :)

    depends on your interests. but you're right, it doesn't scale well for the amount of work you put in. like a major work + an exam, wtf? maths ext 2 is only an exam, and eng ext 2 is just a major work. its terrible how history ext is BOTH!!!! and its only worth one unit :( I actually did it for a term, then dropped it coz it bored me to death.

    well you never know. you should pick what you like. did you do well in your SC?
    yeah the devil's subject.
    I wanna do commerce or engineering. you?
    hmm.. yeah.. we're doing a lot of essay based subjects, which is BAD! coz it's usually subjective, and we need Band 6's. *sigh* history can be a pain. there is so much content, and the essays have to be really well structured.
    looks like you're not doing any science as well :)
    ahh you should start studying. I remember this time last year, I was doing learning ahead for maths.

    are you gonna consider any extension subjects like history extension?
    I did 12 in term 4 and I only had enough time to do Maths everyday.
    yeah don't do 10. for people like me and you, who are paranoid of this and that, taking 10 units would be totally destroy our confidence.

    and remember, in Year 11 and Year 12, everyone is competition!!! don't back down!!!!!
    I was scared at the beginning of Year 11.
    until term 2, where my ranks were really good and I concluded that I was "safe"
    and then I was more relaxed.

    and now, back to stress stress stress!!!!

    hmmm... 12 units is a lot of work. but your subjects don't have much of a heavy workload, so that's okay i guess.

    yup. use regret for motivation. think to yourself, "I will do well because I dont wanna come back regretting that I didn't work hard"

    i do maths, english std, ancient history, eco, religion. and i go to a mediocre school in western sydney. you?
    im so STRESSED ABOUT THE HSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'd be okay with 98, but I'm aiming for 99.
    I'd be depressed with anything below 95 :(

    you stressed?
    watttttttttt????????? did cheltenham find out u hadnt done it?!?!?!?!?!?!
    but cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn its not THAT hard LOL possibly the easiest test u will do apart from ur L's test =P xD
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