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  • lol nah havent had half yearlies yet...
    but i wonder whether if my school has half yearlies or not....
    koni chua?
    i swear you on pot or something?
    shit i've been raging so much
    screwed physics soo bad
    its not funny :(
    jig school
    funny shiet
    how is the are you?
    been a while we havent talked
    lol you're loads on bos these days
    iono when exactly
    but there're loads of people..so no prob even if we go late..
    but ye anyway dw..we can leave early if you want to
    its 7ish
    i think
    ...i got that bit julie
    lol HOW many papers
    as in...how many past papers
    1? 2?
    si seniorita?
    Hi Julie

    How's Yr. 11 treating you?

    Sorry for the heaps laggy rep, I'm trying to ban myself from procrastinating, aha.
    Oh hehe, Ji Hoo-sunbae? I liked his look before he got the haircut, though xD
    I love watching their bloopers at the end!

    One Litre of Tears is so heartbreaking.. Like the "quotes" from the real Aya are so sad.
    The bit that really got to me was the episode at the end where she says (quote):
    "Why did this disease choose me?" T__T

    I'm currently doing:
    - English Advanced
    - English Extension I (might drop) D:
    - Mathematics
    - Economics
    - Chemistry
    - Biology
    - Modern History

    Lol hello, Julie :)

    Yes, I am in Year 11 and you can add me xD
    You like Japanese / Korean dramas too? What are some of your favourites?
    I've only seen some Korean dramas; Boys Over Flowers and some of Coffee Prince. You know them?

    I'm currently watching (which I shouldn't, because procrastinating is bad) One Litre of Tears (old, I know) and Family Outing, lol. One Litre of Tears is really sad T__T.
    oh cool ... thats pretty gud, but if i were u, id wait a bit longer to get a job, until you settle into yr 11 a bit better. :)
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