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    Science & Cruelty to animals

    god your stupid. im not even going to argue with that. Sounding a bit elitist here now are we? theres no doubt that animals experience pain. mind you, evolutionarily, we did evolve from a small mouse-like mammal at some stage. if pain/mothering ability/conciousness wasnt significant for...
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    Science & Cruelty to animals

    Pathology images of microscpoe slides, yes, but not of gross findings. Images are 2D. Pathology is 3D.
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    Science & Cruelty to animals

    I agree with the needless suffering but i dont think people would become "good" practitioners if they werent exposed/understand what occurs. There are animal ethics committes in every university that monitor and manage animals used for testing/educational purposes. They make sure that they have...
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    Science & Cruelty to animals

    Its not as if youre going to kill it with your bare hands. Modern euthanasia solution and anesthesia is alot more humane. Pain shouldnt be an issue-suffering should. And exactly how do you expect to be a doctor if you cannot stand to see cruelty? There are too many cruel things in life and i...
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    Veternary Science

    They hardly drop. I wouldnt be suprised if second round went up. But they do offer in the second and third rounds. Transferring is alot harder than what they make it out to be. You need an exceptional STAT score (those that have sucessfully transferred have gotten 99 percentile for a HECS...
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    Veterinary Science

    Id say from 27-30 hours scheduled a week. You're timetable changes every week so its hard to say. I'd be safe saying 25+ hours a week. Outside uni? Not enough. It depends on what you have due in or what other things you have running around in your life. IMO, you'd be lucky if you could study...
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    pharmacy + stat

    A community pharmacy is just a glorified way of saying a pharmacy you see at your local shopping centre. they usually do the prescriptions and give advice on those and non-prescription medications. You can ask them for health advice too but obviously not along the lines of a Doctor. The 2005...
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    [Dilemma, dilemma: Dentistry, Optometry and Pharmacy] My insights - need advice.

    Thought about a Master of Pharmacy? Its only 2 years + 1 registrative year, or was that what you were referring to ? =/ Needlestick injuries? i think youd have to be pretty unorganised to get pricked. i havent at all had any needle related injuries in all my animal handling experience...
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    Law Revue: Hostile Powers

    I saw it for the first time and i loved it! I didnt see a carnivale thing though... i arrived on an empty stomach in hope for food but i only saw snack foods.
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    pharmacy + stat

    MPharm does have HECS places and theyve only just increased the numbers up to a grand total of 10. Remember you have FEE-HELP if you are short. The prerequisites are quite extensive and i cant remember off the top of my head what they are. In terms of uni marks for entry, my friend, got 84 WAM...
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    Bankstown Area/Online Tutoring for Maths and Physics: UAI 99.40, 3rd in state Maths

    Re: Bankstown Area/Online Tutoring for Maths and Physics: UAI 99.40, 3rd in state Mat Dear acmilan, You make love to maths. From Kimmeh PS. acmilan is Highly Commended and gets a modstick approval :D
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    Animal and Veterinary Bioscience

    You dont sign yourself up for a hecs debt all in favour for a label. You read the course outline/subjects/electives which are invovled in the degree as a whole.
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    Animal and Veterinary Bioscience

    Imo, your best bet in getting into vet is ace-ing the hsc to get a hecs place. fee places arent exactly cheap and alot of students will struggle to find and income that will support such fees balanced with their own expenditures. i think it is alot harder than what the faculty makes it out to...
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    Animal and Veterinary Bioscience

    ^from above: A BVSc is allowed to perform surgery where as if you have the BAnVetBioSci you arent and are mainly looking at a researching career. the BAnVetBioSci just seems like a glorified science degree. Alot of the BAnVetBioSci students i know have complained about the course because when it...