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  • so is engg1811 a hard course? and what do you mean by common sense? what exactly do we need to know and what do we learn?
    Awesome. It would be super awesome if in the future the Australian government decides to purchase the F22 and if the US allows it. I'm gonna be so jealous of you if that happens. Then again you might get stuck with the F35 as the F18 gets replaced in some time. Best of luck for 2FTS. You'll need it. Becoming a fighter pilot is like becoming an infantry officer. It's tough and competition is fierce.
    Hey brother.

    Just out of curiosity, what pilot are you going to be after graduation from ADFA?
    Hey, the Stallion, out of curiosity, are you going to apply for an exchange to the US Air Force Academy in the states? I've read on the ADFA that the ADFA have an exchange program with the academy. That would be awesome to go to. It sucks they don't have one with USMA. Oh well.
    I don't have an appointment yet and I'm still arguing with myself whether I should take the risk to try and get into USMA.

    What's your training program for running? I run 3 times a week, if I could and I try and make up for it by running for an hour on weekends if my weeks get heavy. It's seems to me that all the good runners never run.

    Do you think I should go for the ADFA Award? Everyone (well not everyone, it's mainly the year 12s) at my school is starting to bug me now for not going for school captain or senior leader (our senior leaders are terrible) and I want to make up for it by somehow trying for the ADFA Award, however as I said in my post I don't have any leadership experience.
    7.5 in the shuttle run is quite basic, even people who are bad at running/unfit can easily do it. I was panting a little bit, but I could have easily gone on up until 11.5-12.0.

    Yeah, I know but I'm not worried about being able to run 7.5. I can already run that quite easily. The thing I'm worried is if they are going to force you to run until you give up. I don't want to embarrass myself that's all because the last time I took it last year I scored a 9. I know several women who can run 10 and I don't want to deal with that humiliation.

    Also 11-12 easily? Damn, you must be very fit. I'll die before I can run that.

    OT- My feet hurt profoundly after taking the Beep Test. Is this the same for you?

    Hey brother.

    For your physical assessment did you have to go full effort? OK, bit confusing that. Say you had reach 7.5 in the shuttle run, would they make you run until you're were dead or have given up after attaining 7.5? I don't want to embarrass myself if a woman was to beat me in the shuttle run. I'm not a good runner.

    Yeah West Point would be awesome but as you said it is tough. It's practically like getting into Harvard. They accept only 12.75% of applicants and 20% of those who are accepted drop out from their own will by senior year. Tough place.

    So how did you get accepted in ADFA? I'm thinking about doing the ADF Undergraduate Sponsorship Scheme.
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