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Recent content by lucyc19

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    Results Check / Raw Marks / Exam Responses

    The ATAR changes but I think someone else has misunderstood -if you pay for a check and your original reported mark was higher than it should have been, you lose them and the ATAR could go down too.
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    School Rankings 2011

    It's such a silly system though because it doesn't take into to account the difficulty of courses - an average ATAR would be the only accurate way, but they're private.
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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    But that would mean 100 000 people each year in NSW...
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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    You don't know that yet - that's just last year's mark!
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    lol i think i got state ranking for 2unit

    Checked against what? I didn't think people could be so arrogant!
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    German Extension

    Well that was a slogan in Nazi propaganda so, if they know their German history, they will not be happy...
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    German Extension

    They spelt 'Rose' as 'Rosa' the whole way through. Don't they even check their spelling? And I thought that including two 5-mark questions was lazy, but it plays to my strengths so I can't complain. How many extra writing booklets did you guys use for those questions?
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    I said the gauze, because gas masks were later developed.
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    How did everyone go for League of Nations?

    ditto. I didn't go into Anschluss or Czechovakia because the question was "assess the effectiveness of the LON" rather than "to what extent was the failure of the LON and the collapse of collective security..." so you didn't have to weigh it up against others. Rather, i discussed LON failings in...
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    Do you have strict supervisors for your HSC exams? Yes or No?

    We're not allowed to talk at any stage in the room, and that's how it should be. You have to take the paper with you, as you are meant to, as insurance against someone coming out later to say that they wrote their answers on the question paper. AND YOUR NAME DEFINITELY DOES [B][U]NOT[B][U] GO...
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    Section 3 - Extended Response

    Not fair on people doing texts without that as a strong element of the representation of belonging. They should move away from dividing up their concepts, e.g. Journeys = physical/imaginative/etc. and belonging = place/family/culture. It makes things stupidly unsophisticated and limits what...
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    BOS has no idea...

    How can you know what the cut-off was? I didn't like paper 1 because we did Great Expectations and the reading task questions could have been harded. Paper 2, well, I LOVED IT. You can't complain about module A - it was so generic. Module B was fine if you'd studied all of the content...
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    Hamlet... a little lost

    OK - Module B. Where do we start, eh? Especially with Hamlet! - what do you mean by textual integrity? You need an understanding of how the play functions on stage as a drama (i.e. it's not a book) - dramatic devices/techniques as well as literary ones - themes transcending time is not so...
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    Module A essay structure

    Definitely DO NOT separate discussion of context - it is meant to be the vehicle for understanding the connections between texts. This is the absolute no-no - 17/20 in year 11 is a good mark, but it won't be near that in year 12. we've been told (very harch marking at school though) that for our...