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  • *cries* poor you for having to go to class, but i guess it is good if you learn better. Oh I got my sesc2001 work back but it has no mark on it!! Just marks for each question. So weird. Awesome faculty and stuff but I giggled slightly. It says "Excellent work!" and it seems the questions are each out of 9 but im not sure xP lol!!!! no grade lol.
    hey! for some reason it aint letting me reply to the subjects post. i was just asking, are you sure safe6201 isnt offered for you by distance? is it being inconsistent? it says it's offered by distance on timetable.unsw.edu. stupid inconsistencies
    Lucky girl!! I'd love to have done safety as a 3rd major, under com (lib) but nooooo >_< I spoke to the professor yesterday, my friend and I who are doing the course went to see him and there's no way it can stay open without a miracle :( those peoples' careers... the school... sigh...
    I did med sci, specializing in pharmacology. I'm doing honours atm, contemplating whether I want to go down a career of research or do post grad medicine. I'd prefer to be making money and move out of home in the near future though.
    Sounds like you got it pretty sorted; I thought about safety science for a bit with the idea of moving into the work force as a QC / QA officer, as those are always being advertised for on job sites.

    So are you still at UNSW at the moment?
    That's pretty coincidental, and we are both doing (or did) science at UNSW. What are your plans with safety science?
    Please don't do it. Piercings won't make you beautiful or cool. :( They detach from it.
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