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  • Oh and if you aren't the person who started the post, can you tell me the job prospects from med sci? Because i read in your sig that you do med sci
    Hey, this may seem random
    but did you make a thread about science - how it's difficult to find a job, and the reality of science etc etc...
    Because i vaguely remember seeing your dp in that post... If so, any chance you can send me that post again? I would like to read it again(I would just click your "find all posts" but the search engine is down).
    yeah, im in my final year at UNSW (i dropped to science from science/arts last semester). Looking forward to finishing though! at the very beginning, i wanted to do med science, but lucky i stuck to a science degree.

    what about yourself?
    well with safety science, its really broad major, so i study different areas like chemical management, risk management, management of dangerous materials, ergonomics, safety health and environment and their hazards, management systems...... i could tell you a whole more but the focus is on occupational health and safety.

    I'm looking into occupational health and safety area, risk management, return to work...ahh there's too many careers options to list ....

    nice to meet you as well :)
    Hello there,

    by the look of your statistics, you have the SAME b'day as me AND i was born on the same year as you as well :D
    I heard tutes can have an impact on your exam timetable is this true? I read on BOS that if you spread apart your tutes then the exams will also be that way? :

    Are all lectures posted up on ilecture?

    Sorry for the crap syntax i tried to edit to add stuff but it wouldnt let me because i was over the word limit so these posts are kind of messed up.

    edit: not sure if i should pick math or fundamentals of physics for elective; any suggestions?
    Which elective do you suggest for sem1? I am thinking of taking Mathematics 1A - MATH1131 but not sure if it will be a WAM booster or a WAM killer. I know that physics will help for GAMSAT but im also going to be doing UMAT in july so I might not need to worry about that...I really dont want my WAM to die from the first semester.

    Do you have any tips for making my time table. Is it good to spread the tutes? What about labs eg chem labs? Should i keep them at the end of the day or at the start. Im thinking about not having tutes at 9 am just incase im late.

    Btw are you looking at selling your notes because i would be interested in buying them :)

    When will i know what textbooks I should buy....are they a valuable resource at uni?

    ps what did you mean about the SCIF1011 & any mathematics courses....they are hard or that they dont require lots of memorisation.
    Thanks for your response tim! I really appreciate your help :) I have a couple more questions ill shoot at you in a little while...hope you dont mind?
    Hey tim im going to be starting med sci @ unsw.
    I intend on getting into med down the future; either next year, via the lateral pathway or post grad.
    Can you give me tips on how to maintain 80+wam in the course. I dont really understand how uni works. How i know what i should study, how to prepare for exams, use lecture notes or textbooks, how important lectures are, how important tutest are ect. Am i at an disadvantage if i chose essesntials of chem instead of higher chem?
    Whats the secret to get that high wam?

    Thanks :)
    Okay cool thanks for that. I'm trying to decide between these three actually.

    GENC7002 (Getting Into Business)
    GENC3003 (Personal Financial Planning)
    GENM0703 (Concepts of Physical Fitness and Health)
    Hey mate, I saw that you did GENC7002(Getting Into Business) last session and I am wondering what kind of assessments were used in it?

    Hey tim!

    Can't seem to PM you, but to avoid me exposing too much of myself to unsw people (I know but don't really like lol!) I've since left sydney and started post-grad med in wa. ;) I'll reply to the rest of ur msg back on the topic in unsw forum
    cannibal horse, lol

    we usyd kids rox yr sox m8. im gonna do honours, but im just not so self-important to make a thread about it.
    I got your message.

    Fuck them man, this forum is shit. It consists of about 2-3 dozen Sydney kids who all know each other personally and do 'bos meets'. If that wasn't homoerotic enough their misc section isnt even funny.

    I originally came on here to keep up with the law forum but I got sick of the trolls.

    Give me an add on bodybuilding.com, my name's cannibal.horse - if you're interested I'll give you my facebook and some ways you can contact me if you're going to newcastle next year.
    are you still interested in buying the gym card? I'm gonna be at uni everyday this week except friday, so we should be able to find a time to meet up. If you want it I'll give it to you for $90 instead of $100.
    0405 210 062
    Hey Joel, so sorry but I only saw your msg now. Not that it would've been much help as I don't have a copy of the take home exam on this computer.
    Dear Tim035,

    Did yiou complete Scif1111 at UNSW and if so do you have a copy of your Take away exam as I desperatley need something to structure mine with.

    Yours Sincerely Joel Wilson
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