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  • i read your comment regarding my reviews on UNSW subjects review post :)...anyways more with my safety science news...i met up with another safety science friend and eventually one of the core courses tht she was meant to take next semester is discontinued [SESC3601]....yeah and she was telling me that it really screwed her over b'coz its a requirement for safety health and environment major....was lucky tht i did it last year...ah well i wished it still stayed open...
    hey, thanks for your post!

    eventually i checked the website and the timetable for undergrads is only the 6-9pm on tuesday....the 'postgraduates' get the distance option..grr..although on myunsw it says that there is distnace (its a hybrid course so both undergrad and postgrad can enroll..)

    but someone whos majoring in safety who did the equivalent course says its better to go to the class and get help since i heard that its a 'confusing' / hard subject...
    it would have been a fantastic major however the school is closing down at the end of the year boo!!!!!.....

    i read you your post abt the school closing down, when i looked at the site, i was a little disheartened that it was closing down.....lucky i have 2 more subjects to do next sem and i finish safety major... but feel sorry for those who are halfway through the major :(...

    another colleague is in the same position as me, but is nearly finishing up her safety too the same time as me :)
    ah well i mixed you up with a similar username, sorry on my part

    however my comment on the snobbery still stands :/
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