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Recent content by MaryJane

  1. MaryJane

    Units 2010

    I had to do that too. All you have to do is email estudent and ask them to either add more credit points to your program or study, or enrol you in the specific unit you want. You may have to provide both (it depends on what operator you get and the way they like to do it). Regarding your units...
  2. MaryJane

    Macquarie LLB honours- how does it work exactly?

    :wave: Work is going well, so glad it's Christmas though! I'm starting at Melb Uni next year (externally) doing a Master of International Relations which I'm very excited about :) Hoping it will eventually get me a job with Human Rights Watch. Congrats on Honours - it's always nice when all...
  3. MaryJane

    Macquarie LLB honours- how does it work exactly?

    *jellz*, when I completed my LLB those were the rules, but from memory they were under possible amendments. The best (and only) person to speak to on the issue is the LLB student advisor. Monstar, if you google "WAM calculator" it will come up with a USYD site (or maybe UNSW) and you can type...
  4. MaryJane

    Congratulations to all those graduating/graduated this year!

    Yes, congrats to all! We rock :D
  5. MaryJane

    sufficient time for an assignment?

    Read some of the LLB threads and you'll see it is. That said, IWR is the god of last-minute essay writing :)
  6. MaryJane

    Law 315 essay

    A thread from three years ago. Good job. :) I also fail to see any personal attacks on here. Most of them centre around her name. She no longer teaches at Mac, or anywhere else for that matter. Her teaching style - in my opinion - was highly questionable and unhelpful, which probably explains...
  7. MaryJane

    do they give out ranks or just marks?

    I think Peter22 got confused and read the statement 'marks for your assessment' as 'raw marks'. Peter22, I would suggest you read a post carefully before responding so aggressively and incorrectly. Making such implications won't do you well at uni ;)
  8. MaryJane


    Um... I think MQ Law has always used the WAM for honours... All other divisions use GPA. I've only graduated with second class (it was too difficult doing the research unit externally because you have to still be on campus twice a week for classes/presentations/discussions with the supervisor)...
  9. MaryJane


    :( Maybe you should apply for a semester or two overseas on exchange? You can do that in 4th-5th year...
  10. MaryJane


    My ceremony is the 22nd. This is your final year of the LLB, right melsc?
  11. MaryJane


    Steve and I still haven't returned our graduation forms... but we're not going. I'm hoping they'll change my status from 'hold' to 'in absentia' or whatever it is. Laziness takes over once you leave the campus :(
  12. MaryJane

    PSY104 and STAT170?! help please!!

    Maybe you should make it a sticky? :p hehe
  13. MaryJane

    PSY104 and STAT170?! help please!!

    I thought STAT170 was available in second semester for those who failed it in first? But yeah, as Cyan said, back in our day you had to do 170 either in first semester or as a whole year.
  14. MaryJane

    400/500 Law Electives

    EU law is quite enjoyable. Roy is fantastic and really knows his stuff, and the content is interesting; it's refreshing to see how another legal system works (and how it doesn't). Mind you, it isn't as cruisy as other units attendanc-wise because all it is is seminars (twice a week), so you...
  15. MaryJane

    anyone get a free usb with final round offer?

    Yes, that was awesome. It always tasted better out of those little cups than it ever did when you bought a bottle.