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  • congratulations on your excellent atar. since i am doing modern history, legal studies i will keep your username in mind incase i need last-minute tutoring for next year and year 12 lol =p
    Hey :D Just saw your result in your sig, that is awesome! Really really really big congratulations!
    congratulations on your results. very inspiring. especially with your subjects! i wish you well in your future endeavours! :) congrats again! =]
    Hey there. :)
    I was reading the thread about Law at UWS where you commented that you know fair bit about International Studies/Law at UTS? Im in a similar situation to the OP except with a significantly lower ATAR and didn't pause to ever think law at UTS or any other uni was possible until now. & Seeing as im far less researched than you i thought you might help me a little :D I've talked to friends about why I want to study law and they've all said that my perception of law is too idealistic and that law degrees, particularly at UTS are more 'commercial' compared to other unis? I have no idea what that implies :S
    Also, what do you know about International Studies at UTS in terms of quality/staff/reputation possibly...? Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
    haha oh wow i give pretty good advice when im pissed hehehehe
    yea i totaly get you, atm all i wanna do is relax and not even think about studying or anything. but remember uni starts in march or something so we got a solid 4 month break, which should be plenty of time to relax before getting back into studying and stuff.
    got any plans for the rest of the holidays?
    Bahahahahaha, well you do learn something new each day ^^
    Apparently IRC - internet relayed chat - it old technology but i had never heard of it before last wednesday ahaha. Just click the link in my sig, it should load up in your browser :)
    Wow nice! I shall be wishing you luck :D
    Hehe i doubt it; i'm quite lazy ==' But thanks ^^
    You should go on the IRC channel; so many interesting convos XD
    I shall be off to bed now, have a good night!
    Naww thank you :) You have given some awesome advice too :)
    Civil Engineering @ UNSW or @ Usyd if i somehow get a merit scholarship ahaha.
    How about you? I bet you're doing something awesome ^^
    yeah im gonna start straigtht away seeing as im gonna try to get into medicine and all, so i dont wanna waste time seeing as i'll be at uni for maybe 7+ years. i duno take the gap year if you want, but i've heard people get comfortable just workin a job and not studying or watever and never go back to uni! and law sounds pretty intense, so maybe just get straight into it? i dunno, its really up to you haha.

    but wow! every option is there for you man!!! keep your options open and go for the best!
    yeah i know hey, i havent slept properly since the night before the hsc results came out. i should probably go shopping for christmas stuff soon haha i've left it a little late haha :p
    niiiice yea you should go and partay!! hit the clubs haha
    yeah i know how suprising is it, i thought i wouldnt even get into the 90s
    congrats again, have u gone out and celebrated? go out and party!
    thanks, i got 95.05 so i should be doing med science at sydney
    hope u get into law, u should be all right
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