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  • yeah train is gay its like 3 hours for me to get to town hall...double the car time. i can get to the gong in about an hour if i feel like the beach so it's not tooooo bad i guess. most of the time i go swimming in this river near me with these like 20m rock jumps into the water lol way more fun then beach i reckon haha
    yeah fair enough a lot of my friends did the same. soooo lol what other interests you got (yeah im not that great at making conversation haha)
    yeah 11am lol get home at like 4am then gotta get up at 10am after a night of's rough lol. yeah about 12 of us went down the coast to callala beach, was pretty sweet. hey do you have msn?
    ahh just dishy in a cafe it is pretty shit lol but the pay isn't too bad i guess, and i dont have to work on sat nights (but getting to work by 11 on sunday morning is murder lol). i spend all my money on sat nights though :( haha

    where did you go for schoolies?
    Yeah working and going to the pub haha there isn't really that much else to do here. where do you work?
    shit aye where do you live? i'm in the southern highlands about 1 hour 15 south of the CBD, but i'll be living in syd when i go to uni, not sure if im going to take a year off or not yet.

    what you been doing with yourself since end of school?
    Ahh hopefully specialise as a surgeon one day down the track, gonna take a long time though. are you thinking you will take a year off?
    Ummm I'm going for medicine at UNSW, I'm applying through the rural entry system so it's a lot easier to get in, the average uai is like 96.25 instead of like 99.7 lol. so yeah ive already done interview and umat for that so im just waiting till jan to see how i go really. if i dont get it i will take something else, defer and re-do the umat then hopefully get in.

    is that you in your dp? thats a really nice pic
    thats awesome! congrats on your results!

    yeah im pretty happy I got 97.15 so that's pretty good I guess, I would have liked a 98 but I underperformed a bit in phys and chem, but oh well you know I should get into my course so thats good.

    what are you thinking about studying
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